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MAT 4930


Actuarial Applications - "The Study Hall"

This syllabus contains the grading standards for this class. On page 2 you'll find the hours that the tutorial is open. On pages 3 and 4 you'll find information about upcoming seminars, information on upcoming actuarial exam dates, actuarial exam registration deadlines, and upcoming FSA scheduled events.

If you pass an actuarial exam while enrolled at FSU as an Actuarial Science major, then you are eligible for an exam fee reimbursement. Please follow the directions on this form. If the form indicates that you are to write a thank you letter, please see this sample thank you letter and/or these tips for writing a thank you letter. The completed form will consist of three (or four if you are to write a thank you letter) items:
1. the form itself
2. the confirmation of passing sheet, which can either be the handout (a copy or original) you received from Prometric, or an official passing score from the SOA
3. a copy of your receipt, which looks like this.
(4. if applicable, your thank you letter)



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Last modified: May 11th, 2015