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Patrick S. Eastham
Biomathematics Graduate Student
Florida State University

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I am a graduate student at Florida State University in the Biomathematics program.

I'm graduating with my PhD in August 2020, and am looking for a Postdoc!
Click here for my CV, here for my research statement, and here for my teaching statement. If you are a faculty member with an opening, and think that I would be a good fit with your group, please let me know!

My main research for my dissertation, under the advisement of Nick Moore and Nick Cogan, focuses on modeling precipitation-induced membrane formation using multiphase models, motivated by some recent experiments by Oliver Steinbock.

Side-projects I'm involved in include a collaboration with fellow graduate student Matt McCurdy on sinkhole formation, and a collaboration with Kourosh Shoele on a project on squirmers in a fluid with non-uniform viscosity.

If you have an interest in collaborating, particularly if you have experimental results that would be aided by mathematical modeling, feel free to contact me!

Contact Info:
Office: MCH 217B
Email: peastham (at) math (dot) fsu (dot) edu