MAC 1140



                                                                                                                                 Lecture: MWF/MW

                                                                                                     Assigned Lab: Attendance Mandatory


ELIGIBILITY You will be deemed eligible for this course if (1) you have credit for MAC 1102 or MAC 1105 (or an equivalent course in College Algebra) with a grade of C- or better, or (2) you have scored in AMP Group A3 or higher, or (3) you scored 600 or higher on the quantitative SAT test or 26 or higher on the math ACT test. It is the student's responsibility to check and prove eligibility. Ineligible students will not be allowed to take this course. Advisement assistance is available in 222 LOV.


ATTENDANCE Students whose names do not appear on the class roll cannot attend classes. Students are expected to attend classes, and students with excessive (excused or unexcused) absences will not be given a passing grade or a grade of I.


TEXT MAC 1105/1140 Precalculus Enhanced with Graphing Utilities by Sullivan & Sullivan

Reference: On-line course notes at ( Login: ssfiles; pw: stiles)


CALCULATOR POLICY Calculators may not be used on any tests. Any person using a hand-held calculator or a computer calculator on a test/quiz will be given a grade of zero on the test/quiz. A graphing calculator might be helpful for checking homework problems.


INTERNET ADDRESSES:                          (useful information)                                  (course coordinator)           (student syllabus)                                 (practice tests)                       (course notes) (unit test grades)



Unit I: 3.1-3.8; 4.1-4.4                                      TEST#1: Week of February 7-th (Unit I)

Unit II 4.5-4.7; 9.1-9.4; 10.1                           TEST#2: Week of March 14-th (Unit II)

Unit III: 10.2-10.5; 11.1-11.3                           TEST#3: Week of April 11-th (Unit III)

Unit IV: 11.4; 11.5


Unit tests will be given in the assigned lab classes during the weeks indicated above.


FINAL EXAM (Covers Unit I - IV) Computerized final exams will be taken during the final-exam week. Students must register on line for exam times and locations. Further information is given below.


COURSE OBJECTIVES This course is intended to give students important mathematical background needed for the study of more advanced courses in mathematics, engineering, and computer science.


PRACTICE TESTS Practice tests are available over the Internet at the following URL: The questions on the in-class unit tests will be very similar to questions on the on-line practice tests. Working on-line practice problems is very important.


TEST/QUIZ POLICIES No makeup tests or early tests or quizzes will be given. A test absence or quiz absence will be excused only if the student presents sufficient verifiable evidence of acceptable, extenuating, unavoidable circumstances. An acceptable medical excuse must state explicitly that the holder should be excused from class. Students missing class because of a family death must show evidence of the death and evidence of the relationship to the deceased. Students will not be given excused absences to attend family functions or non-university activities.


If a test absence is excused, then the final exam grade will be used for the missed test grade. The final-exam grade minus a penalty will be used for an unexcused test grade. If a quiz absence is excused, then no grade will be assigned to the missed quiz. A grade of zero will be assigned for an unexcused quiz grade. No quiz or test grades will be dropped. Students must bring FSU ID cards to all tests.


GRADING There will be three unit tests, a cumulative final examination, and several short quizzes. Numerical course grades will be determined by the larger of Av1 and Av2 where Av1 = (5U+Q+4E)/10, Av2 = (4U+Q+5E)/10, U = test average = (T1+T2+T3)/3, Q = quiz average, E = final exam grade. Letter grades will be determined from rounded numerical grades as follows. A: 90-100; B: 80-89; C: 70-79; D: 60-69; F: 0-59. Plus/Minus grades will be assigned to high/low numerical grades; for example, 77.5 - 79.4 would be a C+, 69.5 – 72.4 would be a C-; analogous +/- grades would be assigned to other numerical grades.


HELP CENTER The Help Center is located in 110 MCH The operating hours are MTWR 2:00-7:00 p.m. The Help Center is closed on Fridays and on weekends. The Help Center opens the second week of classes.


ACADEMIC DISHONESTY The academic honor system is followed strictly. Students possessing unauthorized notes, using prohibited calculators, or giving/receiving unauthorized assistance on an exam will be dealt with according to FSU Honor Code policy.



ADA STATEMENT Students with disabilities needing academic accommodations should: 1) register with the Student Disability Resource Center (SDRC); 2) bring letters to their instructors from SDRC indicating they need and have been certified to receive academic accommodations. This should be done within the first week of classes. Students will not be given special accommodations until they are certified.


COMPREHENSIVE FINAL EXAM:   The Final Exam is comprehensive.  Your Final Exam might not be scheduled in your lab classroom, but will be given in one of the four computer equipped classrooms in HTL or in 107 MCH.  The Final Exam will be given M-R of Final-Exam Week .  You will register, on-line, for a final exam time.  Exam Registration will open at 7 a.m. on Wednesday March 23-rd.  You must schedule an exam time before 12:00 noon on Wednesday April 13-th During this registration period, you will be able to change your exam time, depending on available times.  You must check your exam schedule carefully.  After final exam registration closes, changes, without penalty, will be made only for conflicts that involve documented changes in the exam schedule for your other classes. That is, changes will be made only if an instructor in one of your classes changes the time of the final exam from that given in the Directory of Classes, and this change conflicts with your selected MAC 1140 exam time.  A penalty, of 15 points will be imposed on your exam for any other changes made after registration closes, this includes students who fail to register before the deadline,  changes in travel, or because of airline ticket purchases. The link for the on-line registration will be at the URL given below. This URL will not open until 7:00 a.m. on Wednesday, March 23-rd