Department of Mathematics, Florida State University
Email: yzhou at
Office: MCH404/6F

About Me

I am currently a graduate student in the Department of Mathematics at Florida State University. Under the supervision of Dr. Mark van Hoeij, my research is on Computer Algebra, especially Differential and Difference Equations. We have been developing computer algorithms that help us solve/simplify differential/difference equations. I also teach PreCalculus and Calculus series.

Research Interest

Computer Algebra, Differential/Difference Algebra, Algebraic Geometry


  1. Desingularization and p-Curvature of Recurrence Operators, 2022, submitted. with Mark van Hoeij. [arxiv]

Algorithms and Implementations

  1. Implementations for first order desingularization of recurrence operators and its application in computing the characteristic polynomial of p-curvature, in Maple, Magma, Sagemath.