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Monday March 23, 2015

Biomathematics Journals
Requirement of an Allosteric Kinetics of NMDA receptors for Spike Timing-Dependent Plasticity
    - Manu Aggarwal, FSU
Time: 6:30 Room: Dirac Library

Tuesday March 24, 2015

Topology Seminar
Prime decomposition of 3-manifolds
    - Yunyi Shen, FSU
Time: 3:35 Room: 104 LOV
Abstract/Desc: We will talk about the prime decomposition, following Hatcher's notes on $3$-manifolds

Applied PDE Seminar [url]
Horizontal resolution for convection in porous media
    - Xiaoming Wang, FSU
Time: 3:30-4:20 Room: LOV200
Abstract/Desc: We discuss the issue of horizontal resolution in numerical simulation of convection in porous media. The heat transport in the vertical direction, characterized by the Nusselt number, is expected to scale linearly with the Rayleigh number. A heuristic argument suggests that there exists a thermal boundary layer of thickness proportional to the square or cubic root of the Rayleigh number. We show that even if we resolve small scales of the order of the square root of the Rayleigh number in the direction tangent to the wall, the Nusselt number of the numerical scheme may scale sub-linearly in the Rayleigh number.

Wednesday March 25, 2015

Departmental Tea Time
C is for cookie, and shorthand for C[0,1] w/the sup norm
Time: 3: Room: 204 LOV

Biomathematics Seminar [url]
A game-theoretic analysis of competition over indivisible resources
    - Tugba Karabiyik, Department of Mathematics, FSU
Time: 3:35pm Room: LOV 107
Abstract/Desc: Classical game theory predicts that respect for ownership "Bourgeois" behavior can arise as an arbitrary convention to avoid costly fights. The same theory also predicts that disrespect for ownership "anti-Bourgeois" behavior can evolve under the same conditions. However, Bourgeois is very common while anti-Bourgeois is very rare in nature. In order to explain the rarity of anti-Bourgeois behavior, we created single round Hawk-Dove model with four strategies: Hawk or H, Bourgeois or B, anti-Bourgeois or X and, Dove or D. We also developed multi-period Hawk-Dove model with the confusion over ownership. We determine the effects of ownership uncertainty on Bourgeois vs. anti-Bourgeois strategies. In this talk, I will also cover the extension of "infinite regress" model by allowing for polymorphic ESSs, and explore conditions that favor degrees of partial respect for ownership.

Thursday March 26, 2015

Algebra seminar
The PSL_2(C) Character Variety of a Family of 2-Bridge Knots
    - Leona Sparaco, FSU
Time: 3:35pm Room: 104 Love
Abstract/Desc: The set of all PSL_2(C) representations of a hyperbolic knot complement is an algebraic set. The set of characters of these representations is an algebraic set as well, which is related to the topology of the knot complement. We will take a look at the PSL_2(C) character variety of an infinite family of 2-bridge knots.

Financial Mathematics [url]
Model Independent Pricing: An Optimal Transport Approach
    - Kangwei Xing, FSU
Time: 3:35 Room: 201
Abstract/Desc: This talk is an introduction to model free pricing which is independent of any specific probability measure. Since we do not assume a probability measure we cannot get a price generated by a model, but we can still find the optimal upper and lower bounds for the prices and this is done with the help of results from Optimal Transport problem. We will also talk about the model free arbitrage.

Friday March 27, 2015

Colloquium Tea
Time: 3:00 pm Room: 204 LOV

Mathematics Colloquium [url]
Entrapment, Escape, and Diffusion of Microswimmers in Complex Environments
    - Saverio Spagnolie, niversity of Wisconsin-Madison
Time: 3:35 pm Room: 101 LOV
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