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Monday February 01, 2016

Special Mathematics Colloquium [url]
Infinte Dimensional Geometry of Manifolds of Mappings and Diffeomorphism Groups
    - Martin Bauer, Technical University of Vienna
Time: 3:35 pm Room: 101 LOV
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Tuesday February 02, 2016

Topology Seminar
The Fisher-Rao metric on the space of all smooth densities
    - Martin Bauer, University of Vienna
Time: 3:35 Room: LOV 201
Abstract/Desc: The Fisher--Rao metric on the space of probability densities is of importance in the field of information geometry. Restricted to finite dimensional submanifolds, so-called statistical manifolds, it is called Fisher's information metric. The Fisher--Rao metric has the property that it is invariant under the action of the diffeomorphism group. In this talk I will show, that on a closed manifold of dimension greater than one, every smooth weak Riemannian metric on the space of smooth positive probability densities, that is invariant under the action of the diffeomorphism group, is a multiple of the Fisher--Rao metric.

Wednesday February 03, 2016

Departmental Tea Time
C is for cookie, and shorthand for C[0,1] w/the sup norm
Time: 3: Room: 204 LOV

Biomathematics Seminar [url]
The Impact of Competition on Temporal Musth Strategies: A Game-Theoretic Model
    - Max Wyse, Department of Mathematics, FSU
Time: 3:35 pm Room: 107 LOV

Complex Analysis
Riemann Surfaces
    - Y. Almalki,
Time: 2:30 Room: 201 Love

Thursday February 04, 2016

Financial Mathematics [url]
Cap-and-trade: a review on emission markets
    - Arash Fahim, FSU Mathematics
Time: 3:35 Room: 201

Algebra seminar
Zeta functions: quadratic imaginary fields
    - Amod Agashe, FSU
Time: 3:35pm Room: 104 Love
Abstract/Desc: Zeta functions of number fields are generalizations of the classical Riemann zeta function. This talk is the second in a series of talks whose goal is to describe the Laurent series expansion of the zeta function of a general number field at s=1 (where it has a pole). In this talk, we shall treat the case of a quadratic imaginary field, which is due to Kronecker.

Friday February 05, 2016

Colloquium Tea
Time: 3:00 pm Room: 204 LOV

Mathematics Colloquium [url]
Structure Preserving Approximation of Nonlinear PDEs
    - Wujun Zhang, University of Maryland, College Park
Time: 3:35 pm Room: 101 LOV
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