Information about Recent Biomathematics Alumni

Some publications with students in the past five years Details
(For more complete listing, see the Affiliated Faculty web pages and the Department's e-print archive.)
Authors Title Journal Year
S. Cellat, Y. Fan, W. Mio, G. Okten Learning Shape Metrics with Monte Carlo Optimization Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics, 348:120-129 2019
D. H. Diaz Martinez, C. H. Lee, P. T. Kim, W. Mio Probing the Geometry of Data with Diffusion Frechet Functions Applied and Computational Harmonic Analysis, 47:935-947 2019
A. M. Jarrett and N. G. Cogan The Ups and Downs of S. Aureus Nasal Carriage Mathematical Medicine and Biology, 36:157-177 2019
M. T. Ross, D. Flores, R. Bertram, F. Johnson, W. Wu, R. L. Hyson Experience-Dependent Intrinsic Plasticity During Auditory Learning Journal of Neuroscience, 39:1206-1221 2019
J. E. Adablah, R. Vinson, M. G. Roper, R. Bertram Synchronization of Pancreatic Islets by Periodic and Non-Periodic Muscarinic Agonist Pulse Trains PLoS ONE, 14(2):e0211832 2019
N. Acar and N. G. Cogan Enhanced Disinfection of Bacterial Populations by Nutrient and Antibiotic Challenge Timing Mathematical Biosciences, 313:12-32 2019
I. C. Sorribes, M. N. J. Moore, H. M. Byrne, H. V. Jain A Biomechanical Model of Tumor-Induced Intracranial Pressure and Edema in Brain Tissue Biophysical Journal, 116:1560-1574 2019
M. Aggarwal, N. Cogan, R. Bertram Where to Look and How to Look: Combining Global Sensitivity Analysis with Fast/Slow Analysis to Study Multi-timescale Oscillations Mathematical Biosciences, 314:1-12 2019
M. Sena-Velez, S. D. Holland, M. Aggarwal, N. G. Cogan, M. Jain, D. W. Gabriel, K. M. Jones Growth Dynamics and Survival of Liberibacter crescens BT-1, an Important Model Organism for the Citrus Huanglongbing Pathogen Applied and Environmental Microbiology, DOI:10.1128/AEM.01656-19 2019
R. Bertram, R. L. Hyson, A. J. Brunick, D. Flores, F. Johnson Network Dynamics Underlie Learning and Performance of Birdsong Current Opinion in Neurobiology, 64:119-126 2020
A. Dobreva, R. Paus, N. G. Cogan Toward Predicting the Spatio-Temporal Dynamics of Alopecia Areata Lesions Using Partial Differential Equation Analysis Bulletin of Mathematical Biology, 82:1-32 2020
M. Fazli, T. Vo, R. Bertram Phantom Bursting May Underlie Electrical Bursting in Single Pancreatic β-Cells Journal of Theoretical Biology, 501:110346 2020
J. Kimrey, T. Vo, R. Bertram Big Ducks in the Heart: Canard Analysis Can Explain Large Early Afterdepolarizations in Cardiomyocytes SIAM Journal on Applied Dynamical Systems, 19:1701-1735 2020
J. Kimrey, T. Vo, R. Bertram Canard Analysis Reveals a Large Ca2+ Window Current Promotes Early Afterdepolarizations in Cardiac Myocytes PLoS Computational Biology, 16:e1008341 2020
M. Fazli, T. Vo, R. Bertram Fast-Slow Analysis of a Stochastic Mechanism for Electrical Bursting Chaos, 31:103128 2021
F. Bai, R. Bertram, B. R. Karamched A Closed-Loop Multi-Scale Model for Intrinsic Frequency-Dependent Regulation of Axonal Growth Mathematical Biosciences, 344:108768 2022
P. J. Duncan, M. Fazli, N. Romano, P. Le Tissier, R. Bertram, M. J. Shipston Chronic Stress Facilitates Bursting Electrical Activity in Pituitary Corticotrophs Journal of Physiology, 600:313-332 2022
J. Kimrey, T. Vo, R. Bertram Canards Underlie Both electrical and Ca2+-Induced Early Afterdepolarizations in a Model for Cardiac Myocytes SIAM Journal on Applied Dynamical Systems, 21:1059-1091 2022
M. Fazli, R. Bertram Network Properties of Electrically Coupled Bursting Pituitary Cells Frontiers in Endocrinology, 13:936160 2022
A.A. Davenport, Y. Lu, C.A. Gallegos, A.V.F. Massicano, K.A. Heinzman, P.N. Song, A.G. Sorace, N.G. Cogan Mathematical Model of Triple-Negative Breast Cancer in Response to Combination Chemotherapies Bulletin of Mathematical Biology, 85, doi:10.1007/s11538-022-01108-1 2022
N. Bruce, I.-A. Wei, W. Leng, Y. Oh, Y.-C. Chiu, M.G. Roper, R. Bertram Coordination of Pancreatic Islet Rhythmic Activity by Delayed Negative Feedback American Journal of Physiology, 323:E492-E502 2022
F. Bai, R. Bertram, B. R. Karamched A Mathematical Study of the Efficacy of Possible Negative Feedback Pathways Involved in Neuronal Polarization Journal of Theoretical Biology, 571:11561 2023
Current positions of PhD graduates in Biomathematics from Florida State University Details
Name Graduation date Major Professor Title Location
Isabel Darcy 1997 Sumners Associate Professor of Mathematics University of Iowa
Ivo Dinov 1998 Sumners Professor of Computational Medicine and Bioinformatics University of Michigan Medical School
Javier Arsuaga 2000 Sumners Professor of Mathematics University of California, Davis
Mariel Vazquez 2000 Sumners Professor of Mathematics University of California, Davis
Jeffrey K. Denny 2000 Quine Associate Dean and Professor of Mathematics Mercer University
Irma Cruz-White 2003 Sumners Professor of Mathematics Chipola College
Partha Srinivasan 2005 Quine Associate Professor of Mathematics Cleveland State University
Srisairam Achuthan 2006 Quine Senior Data Scientist City of Hope National Medical Center
Christian Laing 2007 Sumners Computational Biologist Sequenom, Inc.
Jennifer Mann 2007 Sumners Lecturer in Mathematics University of Texas, Austin
Natalia Toporikova 2007 Bertram Associate Professor of Biology Washington & Lee University
Lee Singleton 2007 Hurdal Associate Professor of Mathematics Whatcom Community College
Juan Gutierrez 2009 Hurdal Professor and Chair of Mathematics University of Texas, San Antonio
Deborah Striegel 2009 Hurdal Data Scientist National Institutes of Standards and Technology
Xinyang Liu 2010 Mio Staff Scientist Children's National Health System
Margaret Watts 2011 Bertram Assistant Professor Doane College
Yu Fan 2012 Mio Price Analyst Mercuria Energy Trading Inc.
Wondimu Teka 2012 Bertram Staff Fellow U.S. Food and Drug Administration
Gregory Toole 2013 Hurdal Professor of Mathematics Polk State College
Candace Ohm 2013 Mesterton-Gibbons Growth Product Manager
Jonathan Bates 2013 Mio Associate Research Scientist Yale School of Medicine
Yuanting Lu 2013 Quine Assistant Professor Mercer University
Arij Daou 2013 Bertram Assistant Professor American University of Beirut
Mark Whidden 2013 Cogan Data Analyst Sequenom, Inc.
Yingyun Shen 2014 Mesterton-Gibbons Quantitative Analyst Wells Fargo
Matt Donahue 2014 Cogan Assistant Professor of Applied Mathematics University of Tulsa
Sevgi Sengul 2014 Bertram Associate Professor of Industrial Engineering Antalya University, Turkey
Qiuping Xu 2015 Mio Data Scientist Amazon
Tugba Karabiyik 2015 Mesterton-Gibbons Lecturer of Mathematics Sam Houston State University
Patrick Fletcher 2015 Bertram Postdoctoral Fellow National Institutes of Health
Sarah Kim 2015 Hurdal Assistant Professor University of Florida College of Pharmacy
David Ekrut 2016 Cogan Postdoctoral Fellow University of Texas, Austin
Angela Jarrett 2016 Cogan Staff Scientist Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab
Diego Hernan Diaz Martinez 2016 Mio Battery Tool Design & Analysis Engineer Clarios
Mao Li 2016 Mio Postdoctoral Fellow Donald Danforth Plant Science Center
Vehpi Yildirim 2017 Bertram Assistant Professor Erasmus University Medical Center Netherlands
Max Wyse 2017 Mesterton-Gibbons Software Engineer MathWorks
Daniel Weingard 2017 Bertram Quantitative Analyst Wells Fargo
Yao Dai 2017 Mesterton-Gibbons Quantitative Analyst Goldman Sachs
Joseph McKenna 2017 Bertram Research Scientist Amazon
Diana Flores 2017 Bertram Postdoctoral Fellow Michigan State University
Jian Li 2017 Cogan Senior Analyst in Data Science Liberty Mutual
Sergiusz Wesolowski 2017 Bertram Postdoctoral Fellow University of Utah
Serdar Cellat 2018 Mio Data Scientist Liberty Mutual
Daniel Galvis 2018 Bertram Postdoctoral Fellow University of Birmingham, England
Sepideh Ebadi 2018 Cogan Product Manager University of Utah
Atanaska Dobreva 2018 Cogan Assistant Professor Augusta University
Nihan Acar 2018 Cogan Teaching Faculty Florida State University
Ryan Vinson 2019 Bertram Data Analyst Naval Information Warfare Center
Manu Aggarwal 2019 Cogan Postdoctoral Fellow National Institutes of Health
Inmaculada Sorribes 2019 Jain Pharmacometrician Certara, Inc.
Carolyn Eady 2019 Cogan Staff Scientist Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab
Johnna Barnaby 2019 Jain Assistant Professor Shippensburg University
Canlin Zhang 2020 Bertram Machine Learning Engineering Circulo Health
Patrick Eastham 2020 Cogan Pharmacometrician Certara, Inc.
Deniz Ozturk 2020 Cogan TBD TBD
Yeuran Oh 2020 Bertram Postdoctoral Fellow National Institutes of Health
Joshua Kimrey 2021 Bertram Senior Scientist Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab
Mehran Fazli 2022 Bertram Biomathematician Austere Environments Consortium for Enhanced Sepsis (ACESO)
Angie Davenport 2023 Cogan Postdoctoral Fellow Genmab
Virginia Parkman 2023 Cogan
Fan Bai 2023 Bertram & Karamched Principal Product Development Engineer The Timken Company