PhD Year Student PhD Advisor Thesis Title Employment
2022 Mehdi Abdi Anbouhi Mio Universal Mappings and the Metric Geometry of Functional Data Visiting Assistant Professor, Haverford College
Zhou Yi van Hoeij Algorithms for Factoring Linear Recurrence Operators
2021 Benjamin Prather van Hoeij Octonions—Hilbert spaces, Fibrations, and Analysis Adjunct Professor, Tallahassee Community College
2020 Shayea Aldossari van Hoeij Algorithms for Simplifying Differential Equations Assistant professor, King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
John Bergschneider Heil 2-Stratifolds with finite fundamental group Assistant professor, University of North Georgia
Opal Graham Bowers Rigidity of point and sphere configurations: an examination of rigidity in Lorentz, Hyperbolic, Euclidean, and Spherical geometry Assistant Professor, University of North Georgia
Thanittha Kowan Bowers Conformal tilings and expansion complexes
Haibin Hang Mio A new formulation of 1-D Persistent Homology via correspondence modules Postdoc, University of Delaware
Zhe Su Klassen / Bauer Elastic shape analysis of curves and surfaces PostDoc, UCLA
Lydia Eldredge Petersen Minimal Mahler measure in cubic fields Visiting assistant professor at Rose Hulman Institute of Technology
Michael Niemeier Aldrovandi Central extensions of simplicial groups and presheaves of simplicial groups Instructor, The Indiana Academy (Ball State University)
Grayson Jorgenson Aluffi Secant indices, duality defect, and generalizations of the Segre Zeta function Data Scientist at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
2019 Mohammad Aamir Rasheed Heil Surface subgroups of 3-manifold groups Visiting Assistant Professor, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
2018 Jay Leach Petersen Symmetric surfaces and the character variety Lecturer at Bowling Green State University
Yaineli Valdes Aldrovandi The 1-Type of $K$-Theory for a Waldhausen category as a multifunctor Teaching Faculty, Department of Mathematics, FSU
Ethan Williams R. Oberlin Affine dimension of smooth curves and surfaces Assistant Professor, Tallahassee Community College
Xiping Zhang Aluffi Characteristic classes and local invariants on Determinantal Varieties (temperate) Postdoc, Shanghai Center for Mathematical Sciences
2017 Mehmet Aktas Hironaka Topology of $n$-gonal curve complements John T Beresford Endowed Chair Position in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at University of Central Oklahoma
Corey Harris Aluffi Effective methods in intersection theory and combinatorial algebraic geometry Postdoc, Max Planck Institut for Mathematics in the Sciences, Leipzig
Erdal Imamoglu van Hoeij Algorithms for solving linear differential equations with rational function coefficients Postdoc, North Carolina State University
Yahya Almalki Nolder Sorvali dilatation and spin divisors on Riemann and Klein surfaces
Yunyi Shen Marcolli / Aluffi Landscapes in Noncommutative Geometry
Leona Sparaco Petersen Character varieties of knots and links with symmetries University of Scranton
2016 Brendon Ballenger-Fazzone Nolder An analysis of conjugate harmonic components of monogenic functions and Lambda harmonic functions Florida Education Association
Dane Mayhook Bowers Conformal tilings and Type Lecturer, Iowa State University
Robert Billet Hironaka / Petersen Flow equivalence classes and pseudo-Anosov Assistant Professor, Tallahassee Community College
2015 Russell Waller Fenley Periodic pieces of pseudo-Anosov flows in graph manifolds Moduli Technologies
John Emanuello Nolder Analysis of Functions of Split-Complex, Multicomplex and Split-Quaternionic Variables and Their Associated Conformal Geometry Department of Defense (NSA)
Bill Adams Aluffi Lagrangian specialization via log resolution and Schwartz Macpherson Chern classes Decision Lens Inc
2014 Ivan Dungan Aldrovandi $n$-butterflies: modeling weak morphisms of strict $n$-groups Assistant Professor, Francis Marion University
Vijay Kunwar van Hoeij Hypergeometric Solutions of Linear Differential Equations with Rational Function Coeffficients Assistant Professor, Albany State University
2013 Xia Liao Aluffi Chern classes of sheaves of logarithmic vector fields for free divisors Postdoc at Kaiserslautern University, Kaiserslautern, Germany
Candace Ohm Mesterton-Gibbons The evolution of deception in signaling systems Started a company called Spiceworks
Linda (Crystal) Wells Klassen Shape analysis of curves in higher dimensions Associate Professor in the Math Department at Florida Gateway College
Dongxu Wang Heil 3-manifolds of $S^1$-category 3 Harbin Institute of Technology
2012 Jonathan K. Armstrong Hironaka/Petersen Principal elements of mixed-sign Coxeter systems Senior Biostatistician at Research Group Limited (Philadelphia)
Ting Ting Fang van Hoeij Solving linear differential equations in terms of hypergeometric functions by 2-descent Assistant Professor, North Shore Community College, MA
James Fullwood Aluffi On elliptic fibrations and F-theory compactifications of string vacua Postdoctoral fellow, University of Hong Kong
Randy Heaton van Hoeij/Agashe Algorithms for computing congruences between modular forms Assistant Professor at Wesleyan College (Macon, GA)
Dan Li Marcolli/Aluffi Periods and motives: applications in mathematical physics Institute des Hautes Etudes Scientifiques, France
Daniel Robinson Klassen Functional analysis and partial matching in the square root velocity framework
Guanghong Wang Nolder Dirac operators, multipliers, and $H^p$ spaces of monogenic functions Visiting Assistant Professor at Eastern Oregon University
Quan Yuan van Hoeij Finding all Bessel type solutions for linear differential equations with rational function coefficients
2011 Saikat Biswas Agashe Constructing Non-trivial Elements of the Shafarevich-Tate Group of an Abelian Variety Postdoc, Georgia Tech
Judson Stryker Aluffi MacPherson Classes of Graph Hypersurfaces and Schubert Varieties Faculty member, Daytona State College
Jamil Mortada Fenley/Hironaka Artin and Dehn Twist Subgroups of the Mapping Class Group Faculty member, College of Coastal Georgia
Aaron D. Valdivia Hironaka Pseudo-Anosov sequences with asymptotically small dilatation Faculty member, Florida Southern College
2010 Yongjae Cha van Hoeij Closed Form Solutions of Linear Difference Equations Postdoc at RISC Linz, Austria
Ahmet Emin Tatar Aldrovandi On Picard 2-Stacks and Length 3 Complexes of Abelian Sheaves Faculty member, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals
2009 Giles Levy van Hoeij Solutions of Second Order Recurrence Relations Java programming consultant
2008 Andy Novocin van Hoeij Factoring Univariate Polynomials over the Rationals Associate Professor in Electrical and Computer Engineering at University of Delaware
2007 Dimitre Tzigantchev Aluffi Predegree Polynomials of Plane Configurations in Projective Space 2007-: Massachusetts Maritime Academy
2006 Bill Wood Bowers Combinatorial Type Problems for Triangulation Graphs 2006-07: Knox College, Ill. -- 1-year Visiting Asst Prof, 2007-: Faculty Member, Hendrix College
2005 Becky Goforth Huckaba Description and analysis of a two-variable version of the NTRU crypto system Faculty Member, Stephen F. Austin Univ.
Caroline Boulis-Ibrahim Heil Finite Abelian Group Actions on Orientable Circle Bundles over Surfaces Professor of Mathematics, Lee University, Cleveland TN
2004 Marc Lengfield Oberlin Envelopes, duality and multipliers for certain non-locally convex Hardy-Lorentz spaces. 2004-: Asst. Prof. at Western Kentucky University
2003 Roger Vogeler Bowers On the Geometry of Hurwitz Surfaces 2003-04: University of Helsinki --Ahlfors Fellowship-Postdoc, 2004- : 3-year Arnold Ross Asst. Prof. at Ohio State University, 2007-present: faculty member at Central Connecticut State University
Deborah Jones Aluffi Intersection Numbers of Divisors on Graph Varieties 2003- : University of Tampa