Course Grids
Pure Mathematics

The course layout for the first two years consists of three courses in each core sequence in Algebra, Topology, and Analysis. The Analysis one consists of one semester of Complex Analysis followed by two semesters of Real Analysis (Measure & Integration). In the second year the student can add topics courses.

The course layout is:

= PhD qualifier course; = Elective course option

Option 1: A typical schedule for PhD students.

1st Fall 1st Spring 2nd Fall 2nd Spring
Complex Analysis I Measure & Integration I Measure & Integration II Topics Course
GRV I GRV II GRV III Topics Course
Topology I Topology II Topology IIIa* or Topology IIIb* Topics Course

*Topology IIIa (Differential Topology) and Topology IIIb (Algebraic Topology) are offered an alternate years.