Here is a schedule for blogging the course. Please take a moment to see when you are signed up for blogging and let me know if you have any conflicts with your scheduled dates, so that we can make alternative arrangements.

Name Date Name Date
Rosalie Carlson Mar 29 Nic Brody May 3
Rosalie Carlson Mar 31 Yousef Chahine
Sam Ballas
May 5
Nic Brody Apr 5 Gordon Kirby
Sam Ballas
May 10
Yousef Chahine Apr 7 Jared Kubler May 12
Gordon Kirby Apr 12 Casey Peters May 17
Jared Kubler Apr 14 Sherilyn Tamagawa May 19
Casey Peters
Sherilyn Tamagawa
Apr 19 Steve Trettel May 24
Sherilyn Tamagawa
Casey Peters
Apr 21 Rosalie Carlson May 26
Steve Trettel Apr 26 Nic Brody May 31
Rosalie Carlson Apr 28 Yousef Chahine
Jared Kubler
Jun 2