The first component of the program will consist of 6 minicourses covering a broad range of topics. Each minicouse will consist of two 90 minute lectures by the speaker. These lectures will be supplemented by problems sessions led by the speakers.

  1. Michelle Bucher: Bounded cohomology and volumes of representations
  2. Jeff Danciger: Geometric structures on manifolds
  3. Charles Frohman: Quantum topology
  4. Andres Sambarino: Anosov representations
  5. Laura Schaposnik: An introduction to Higgs bundles
  6. Alex Wright: Dynamics on moduli spaces

Graduate Student Talks

The second part of the program will consist of 30 minute talks given by graduate students. If you are graduate student and interested in giving a talk you should submit an abstract when you register for the retreat.


Funding will preferentially go to GEAR members and graduate students/postdocs at GEAR nodes; excess resources may be available for other participants. Applications received by April 1 are guaranteed full consideration, although applications will be accepted after this target date.

If you receive GEAR funding you must buy a ticket with a US air carrier or provide documentation of why this is unreasonable.

We will update information on the Reimbursement procedure very soon. Please, keep all your receipts safe in the meanwhile.