Study Questions

You are not expected to turn in the solutions to these problem sets. The solutions are posted shortly after the sets are posted but you are encouraged to attempt them before consulting the solutions. The problems have a considerable range in difficulty and the solutions for the difficult problems are written in a tutorial style. They include problems of the level of difficulty that may be found on the exams, in the graded homeworks, and difficult ones that are meant to provide background and fundamental results (similar to those results that may be the subject of explanatory documents or papers posted on the class website). If you have any doubt about which are which consult me.

List of graded Homework Assignments

Submit solutions using Canvas.

List of Programming Assignments Given to Those Following the Programming Option

Those following the programming option will submit solutions using Canvas for their choice of 3a or 3b. For those follwing the written option these are posted for your information and reference only. You are not required to act on them.

List of Programming Assignments Before the Option of Written vs Programming