Topology and Geometry Seminar Spring 2009- T 3:35-4:45

Topology and Geometry Seminar Spring 2009

Organizer: Eriko Hironaka
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Date Speaker Title
1/6/09 Organizational Meeting
1/13/09 Stephen Bigelow Presentations of Planar Algebras
1/20/09 Kyle Armstrong Coxeter systems
1/27/09 Cancelled
2/3/09, 2/10/09 John George Numerical Uniformization
2/17/09, 2/24/09 Eriko Hironaka Pseudo-Anosov mapping classes with small dilatation constructed from graphs
3/3/09 Wolfgang Heil S^1 CAT of Manifolds
3/17/09, 3/24/09 Dan Li Chern Classes
3/31/09, 4/7/09 David Valdivia Twisted Alexander polynomials of periodic links
4/14/09 Jay Stryker Computing Chern-Schwartz-MacPherson classes of Schubert varieties
4/16/09 Special Topology and Geometry Seminar Melissa Macasieb Commensurability Classes of (-2,3,n) pretzel knots
4/21/09 Ettore Aldrovandi H^3 and multi-extensions