Fine-scale turbulence noise from dual-stream jets AIAA journal 2006, vol. 44, no1, pp. 90-101

Abstract: Nowadays, commercial aircrafts, invariably, use high-bypass-ratio dual-stream jets for propulsion. As yet, there is still an urgent need for an accurate physics-based noise prediction theory for jets of this configuration. Thus, an investigation is made to determine whether the Tam and Auriault theory, originally developed for predicting the fine-scale turbulence noise of single-stream jets, is capable of predicting accurately the fine-scale turbulence noise of dual-stream jets from separate flow nozzles operating at various bypass ratios. The configuration of a separate flow nozzle is fairly complex. Hence, the jet flow and turbulence in the nozzle region and in the region immediately downstream are also fairly complex. However, these are also the most important noise source regions of the jet. To enable an accurate computation of the mean flow and turbulence level in these regions, a computational aeroacoustics marching algorithm for calculating the parabolized Reynolds averaged Navier-Stokes equations supplemented by the k-? turbulence model is provided

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