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Model of the Visual Cortex

Mathematical and Computer Modelling
of the Human Brain
With Reference to Cortical Magnification and
Dipole Source Localisation in the Visual Cortex

by Monica Kimberly Hurdal
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The computer animations are in the QuickTime movie format (*.mov). As a result, a QuickTime movie viewer is required to view these computer animations. If you do not have a QuickTime movie viewer, click on one of the following links to download a viewer for your platform. Some animations are also available in the Microsoft Video format, also known as the AVI format (*.avi), which some PC's are able to display without a special viewer.

QuickTime Viewers for Unix Platforms:

  • XAnim Home Page
  • QuickTime Viewers for Macintosh and Windows Platforms:

  • Apple QuickTime Home Page

    If the above viewers are not appropriate, use your favourite search engine to search for `quicktime' or `quicktime movie viewer'. Some search engines include:

  • Alta Vista - a popular search engine with networked sites in many locations including Australia, Northern Europe and Asia
  • ANZWERS - specialises in Australia and New Zealand searches
  • Web Crawler - another popular search engine which is a U.S. site

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