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2007-08 Mathematics Colloquium


Place and Time: Room 101, Love Building, 3:35-4:30 pm.

Refreshments will be served at 3:00 pm in room 204 Love.

(For an abstract and more details, click on the name of the speaker.)

Fall 2007

Date Speaker (Host) Affiliation
09/07/07 Payman Kassaei (Agashe) King's College, London
09/14/07 Jürgen Klüners (van Hoeij) University of Düsseldorf
09/21/07 Gang Bao (X. Wang) Michigan State University
09/28/07 Steven Wise (Xiaoqing Wang) University of Tennessee, Knoxville
10/05/07 Yonggang Shi (Mio) UCLA School of Medicine
10/26/06 Homecoming
11/02/07 Neil Johnson (Mesterton-Gibbons) University of Miami
11/09/07 Maria Emelianenko (Xiaoqing Wang) George Mason University
11/16/07 Andrew Christlieb (Sussman) Michigan State University
11/19/07 Dacheng Ren (Q. Wang)
(Special Colloquium)
Syracuse University
11/23/07 Thanksgiving
11/30/07 Mark Broadie (Okten) Columbia University
12/07/07 Charles Wolgemuth (Cogan) University of Connecticut

Spring 2008

Date Speaker (Host) Affiliation
01/18/08 Jim Brown Caltech
01/24/08 Cristian Virdol
(Special Colloquium)
Columbia University
01/25/08 Dale Burton (Tam) Northrop Grumman Corporation
01/28/08 Michael Schein
(Special Colloquium)
Hebrew University, Jerusalem
01/31/08 Pallavi Dani
(Special Colloquium)
University of Oklahoma
02/01/08 Hassan Aref (Hussaini) Virginia Tech
02/04/08 Kathleen Petersen
(Special Colloquium)
Queen's University
02/05/08 George Xiang (Q. Wang)
(Special Colloquium)
Loomis & Sayles, Boston
02/08/08 Kasra Rafi University of Chicago
02/15/08 Eric Bedford (Kim) Indiana University
02/22/08 Behrang Noohi Florida State University
02/29/08 Financial Mathematics Festival
03/05/08 David Futer
(Special Colloquium)
Michigan State University University
03/07/08 Peter Constantin (X. Wang) University of Chicago
03/14/08 Spring Break
03/20/08 Snighdhayan Mahanta
(Special Colloquium)
University of Toronto
03/21/08 Scott Sarra (Sussman)
Marshall University
03/28/08 Mboyo Esole (Aluffi) Harvard University
04/11/08 Weizhu Bao (Q. Wang)
(Room 102 LOV)
National University of Singapore and UC Irvine
04/14/08 Keith Taylor
(Special Colloquium)
Dalhousie University, Halifax
04/18/08 Mathematics Honors Day


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