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Flash Fix for MyMathLab in Chrome

Information About the Problem

Usually web content that requires Adobe Flash will give a prompt to allow Adobe Flash on that webpage. Sometimes this is not the case and will show an error that may look like this:

Example Error Message

Google Chrome has Adobe Flash already and needs to be told that the website that's giving the issue should be allowed to run Adobe Flash content.

Procedure to Fix the Problem

  1. In Chrome, visit the website that is having issues displaying content.

  2. Select the icon at the very beginning of the address bar in Chrome.

    The icon at the beginning of the address bar can appear different depending on the website. Some examples of how the icons may appear are as follows:

    • Example image of
            an icon

    • Example image of
            an icon

    • Example image of
            an icon

  3. From the dropdown menu that appears, select "Site Settings."

    The menu that appeas will look similar to this:

    Example of

  4. Selecting "site settings" will bring you to a page with various settings. Changes made here only affect the website you're curently visiting.

    This new page will look like:

    Example of what
        the menu options looks like.

  5. Navigate to the option that says "Flash" with a jigsaw puzzle piece at the side.

    From here, click the dropdown menu to the right side of the "Flash" option and select "Allow".

    Example of
        the dropdown menu.

  6. Based on this example, the "Flash" option should now appear as follows:

    Example of
        end result

  7. Reload the page that showed an error and the correct content should now load properly.