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The math major advisor is Ms Jennifer Anderson. The math/CS advisor for lower division students is Ms Casey Yorks. They are your first stop for questions about math courses and programs.

They both have walk-in and appointment hours, which are listed by their names on the FSU Advisor Search page. To make an appointment online (FSU students only), just log in to myFSU.edu and click on the Campus Connect icon at the top.

Because the advisors are usually in meetings with students, they will not be able to advise you over the phone. If you email, due to large email volume there may be a significant delay before the advisor can reply. Please read the page below first in case your question is already answered here.


For all FSU Undergraduates:

  1. There are no appointments available. Can I email the advisor for an appointment or request an appointment time other than what is currently listed?

    No -- please do not email the advisor for an appointment. Walk-in times are your next option or you may need to try making an appointment again later. Appointments can only be made for up to two weeks in advance and are first come first served. When scheduling an appointment, please include the reason for your visit in the comments section. Occasionally, your question can be resolved before your appointment and allow that time slot to open for another student. If you are not a Mathematics/Actuarial Science major or you are having difficulty making an appointment with the upper division advisor, please select "Advising" from the menu then "Learn about another Major/Minor" followed by "Math (all majors) info".

  2. When can I enroll for classes?

    Go to myFSU to find your enrollment dates. Go to Student Center, click on the "My Classes" tile and then click on "Enrollment Dates" in the drop down menu. This will tell you when you will able to register based on your completed hours only; the courses you are taking in the current term are not included in those totals.

  3. If I need math advising during registration, how should I prepare for my appointment?

    If you plan to come into advising during course registration, please prepare for your advising appointment either by registering for the upcoming semester(s) or, if you have registration holds, by having a schedule in your shopping cart.

  4. I want to take a math class, but the instructor is just listed as "staff". Should I contact the math advisor to find out who that instructor will be?

    No -- the advisor won't know either. "Staff" is usually a designation for multi-section courses like calculus or pre-calculus when the instructor is not assigned until after the registration window closes. In those cases you'll have to make registration decisions without that information, and just be prepared to meet your instructor on the first day of class.

  5. How do I drop a course before the 7 week deadline so that a grade does not appear on my transcript?

    Quick steps: Go to Student Central via myFSU > My Classes > Enrollment: Drop Classes > Select the term > Click on the phrase "Click here to Drop a class for a closed enrollment term" located near the bottom left of the course list. Now just read and continue through the remaining prompts. (Also, you can watch this video for instructions on dropping a course during and after the drop/add period. The process is different if the enrollment term has closed so please watch the entire video.) Also, see the bulletin section Drop/Add or Changes of Schedule for more policy details.

  6. How do I drop a course between the 8th and 12th week deadline in order to have a W instead of a D/F on my transcript?

    The process is similar to the directions for dropping a course before the 7 week deadline. Additionally, a PDF form will be automatically generated that must be printed and taken either to the Office of Undergraduate Studies if you are a "Pre-" major or to the College of Arts and Sciences office if you are already admitted into your major. Also, see the bulletin section Drop/Add or Changes of Schedule for more policy details.

  7. How do I earn a minor in Mathematics?

    You will need 12 hours at Calculus or above, as described at this link in the Academic Program Guide. Keep in mind that your College may have additional requirements. For the College of Arts and Sciences, these are described in their Policies and Procedures webpage.

For Math Majors and Other Students in the College of Arts and Sciences:

  1. How do I figure out what courses I should take next?

    You can find all of your requirements for Liberal Studies and your major on the FSU Academic Program Guide. You can also refer to your Academic Requirements Report (ARR) for university and liberal studies requirements, located in Student Central. Directions for accessing your ARR reports are located on the myFSU Student Central website at the Access your Academic Requirement Report link. Math major specific requirements are also listed on the individual math major pages, and course descriptions with prerequisites are listed in the Department of Mathematics section of the FSU Undergraduate Bulletin.

  2. How do I (1) apply coursework taken elsewhere to my FSU degree, or (2) satisfy the FSU summer hours requirement elsewhere?

    You will need Dean's approval. Please go to the Forms Requiring Dean's Approval link on the College's website for complete information.

    If you plan to take a mathematics course in another state, you will need a link to the other institution's course description webpage and a copy of the course syllabus to provide to the Dean's office for course approval. Please allow 5 extra business days for math department approval in this case.

  3. What is the College's foreign language policy? Can I get an exemption or advanced placement?

    Mathematics and Actuarial Sciences majors are housed in the Math Department under the College of Arts and Sciences. Go to the Arts and Sciences Policies and Procedures section of the College's website for Foreign Language Proficiency requirements. Additional information pertaining to Exemption and Placement, how to take the Placement Test, and what should be done with the test score is found on the Mandatory Placement Tests section of the Department of Modern Languages website.

  4. How do I make my language course pass/fail before the 7 week deadline?

    Please go to the Forms Requiring Dean's Approval section of the College of Arts and Sciences website for complete information. The major department advisor's signature is not required.