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Department News Spring 2015

Listed below are some of the recent accomplishments of students, faculty and alumni from FSU Mathematics.

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Graduate Students

Patrick Fletcher published "Interpreting Frequency Responses to Dose-Conserved Pulsatile Input Signals in Simple Cell Signaling Motifs" in PLoS One in 2014. Co-authors are Frederique Clement, Alexandre Vidal, Joel Tabak, and Richard Bertram.

Corey Harris published an article entitled "Monomial principalization in the singular setting" in the Journal of Commutative Algebra

Daozhi Han published the following papers in 2014:

  • (with Xiaoming Wang, Hao Wu) Existence and uniqueness of global weak solutions to a Cahn-Hilliard-Stokes-Darcy system for two phase incompressible flows in karstic geometry, Journal of Differential Equations 257(2014), 3887-3933.
  • (with Xiaoming Wang) Initial-boundary layer associated with the nonlinear Darcy-Brinkman system, Journal of Differential Equations 256(2014), 609-639.
  • (with Dong Sun, Xiaoming Wang) Two phase flow in karstic geometry, Mathematical Methods in the Applied Sciences 37(2014), 3048-3063.

Justin Cole received a SIAM student travel grant to give a talk at the SIAM Conference on Nonlinear Waves and Coherent Structures. The conference was held at Churchill College at the University of Cambridge on the dates 8/11-8/14. http://www.siam.org/meetings/nw14/ At the conference he chaired a contributed paper session called ''Nonlinear Schrodinger Equations and Related Problems'' and gave a talk on ''Spectral Band Gaps and Lattice Solitons for the Fourth Order Dispersive Nonlinear Schrodinger Equation with Time Periodic Potential.'' http://meetings.siam.org/sess/dsp_programsess.cfm?SESSIONCODE=19686

Biomath PhD student Angela Jarrett and her PhD advisor Dr. Nick Cogan were featured in the Society for Mathematical Biology Digest, September 2014 Newsletter: http://www.smb.org/publications/newsletter/vol27no3.pdf

The BioMath graduate program was featured in a survey by the Society for Mathematical Biol ogy and can be found at http://www.smb.org/resources/education/degree_survey.pdf

PhD Student Mehmet Aktas was awarded an NSF travel grant to attend the Texas Topology and Geometry Conference in Austin, Texas, November 14-16, 2014. https://www.ma.utexas.edu/tgtc2014/

Daozhi Han gave an invited talk at the 2014 SIAM Southeastern Atlantic Section Conference and won a presentation award. http://my.fit.edu/~abdulla/SIAMSEAS-2014/

Daozhi Han received an AMS Travel award to attend the 2015 Joint Mathematics Meeting, San Antonio TX, Jan. 2015

Tugba Karabiyik was awarded the Distinguished Teaching Assistant Award, the Dwight B. Goodner Mathematics Fellowship, and the Ermine M. Owenby Travel Award from the College of Arts and Sciences.

Tugba Karabiyik gave a talk entitle "Respect Versus Disrespect for Ownership: An Iterated Hawk-Dove Game with Relocation Costs" at the 2014 SIAM Conference on the Life Sciences in Charlotte, North Carolina, August 2014

Tugba Karabiyik co-authored "The iterated Hawk-Dove game revisited: The effect of ownership uncertainty on Bourgeois as a pure convention. by M. Mesterton-Gibbons, T. Karabiyik and T. N. Sherratt appearing in Dynamic Games and Applications, Volume 4, pp. 407-431, December 2014

Graduate Faculty

Washington Mio has been named a 2015 Fellow of the American Mathematical Society. The Fellows of the American Mathematical Society program recognizes members who have made outstanding contributions to the creation, exposition, advancement, communication, and u tilization of mathematics. Washington was inducted into the 2015 Class of Fellows for con tributions to topology as well as to the mathematics, statistics, and applications of sha pe analysis. See more at: http://www.ams.org/profession/ams-fellows/new-fellows#sthash.Dkj90gcV.dpuf

Richard Bertram has been elected to be the new Chair of the SIAM Life Sciences Activity Group. Among his duties will be organizing the SIAM Life Sciences conference in 2016.

Richard Bertram was elected to be the Chair of the NIH study section Modeling and Analysis of Biological Systems for 2014-2015

Eriko Hironaka has been appointed Marion Bradley Brennan Professor of Mathematics 2015-2017

Harsh Jain won an Early Career Award from the MBI at Ohio State to spend Spring 2015 in residence and participate in ther cancer modeling thematic year. http://mbi.osu.edu/participate/early-career-award/

Xiaoming Wang's research on predicting sink holes was featured on the FSU Headlines on NPR in August 2014: http://news.fsu.edu/Watch-and-Listen/Radio-Stories/FSU-researchers-studying-sinkhole-patt erns

Washington Mio is co-investigator on the NIH grant titled "Developing 3D Craniofacial Morphometry Data and Tools to Transform Dysmorphology”, 2014-2019.

Craig Nolder has been awarded an NSF grant to host a conference ""Clifford Analysis and Related Topics" , December 15-17, 2014 at FSU.

Mika Seppala has been awarded an NSF grant. The title of his project is "Shape of Educational Data."

Mark Sussman and Yousuff Hussaini have been awarded an NSF grant. The title of their proj ect is "A spectrally accurate hybrid moment-of-fluid and level set method for multiphase flows".

Chris Tam has been awarded an Aeroacoustics Research Consortium grant. The tile of his project is "Modeling and Simulating the Generation, Propagation of Indirect Combustion No ise of a Simple Engine".

Paolo Aluffi has been awarded an NSA Mathematical Sciences Program grant for his work on "Segre classes as integrals over polytopes and other problems in intersection theory".

Washington Mio has been awarded an NSF grant. Washington will serve as the PI on the proj ect "Collaborative Research: Topological Methods for Parsing Shapes and Networks and Mode ling Variation in Structure and Function."

Eric Klassen has been awarded a five year Simons Foundation Collaboration Grant. The title of his project is "Shape Analysis of Curves and Surfaces".

Alec Kercheval has been awarded a Simons Foundation Collaboration Grant. The title of his project is "Topics in Financial Mathematics".

David Kopriva has been awarded an FSU Sabbatical Award for Fall 2015. He will use it to visit Mathematical Institute at the University of Cologne, attend a workshop at Oberwolfach entitled "Recent Developments in the Numerics of Nonlinear Hyperbolic Conservation Laws", and visit the Institute for Gasdynamics at the University of Stuttgart partially supported by a Simons Visiting Professorship (http://www.mfo.de/scientific-programme/meetings/simons-visiting-professors).

Monica Hurdal has been awarded an NSF subcontract grant from the Mathematical Biosciences Institute. The title of her project is "Frontiers in Imaging, Mathematics, and the Life Sciences"

Xiaoming Wang is co-organizing a ICIAM 2015 Satellite Conference on "Mathematics of Geophysical Flows and Turbulence" in Shanghai, China , in August 2015. http://www.iciam2015.cn/List%20of%20Satellite%20Meeting.html

David Kopriva is co-organizing a minisymposium at ICOSAHOM 2014 http://www.icosahom2014.org

David Kopriva is Plenary Speaker in Recent Advances in Numerical Methods for Hyperbolic Conservation Laws Stuttgart, DE. http://www.mathematik.uni-stuttgart.de/fak8/ians/veranstaltungen/Tagungen-WS/WS-Munz.html

Nick Cogan was a keynote speaker at a summer school in Nice, France (June 2014) Title: "Models for bacterial biofilms formation : mathematical, physical and biological perspectives"

Eriko Hironaka will give the main lecture at the semi-annual GATSBY (Geometry and Topology Seminar at Brown and Yale) Title: "Fibered Face Theory, Polynomials and Entropy" (Dec. 2014)

Paolo Aluffi gave a talk at the SACNAS (Society for the Advancement of Chicanos and Native Americans in Science) national meeting in Los Angelos (Oct 2014)


Candace Ohm (PhD 2013, Mesterton-Gibbons) Business Analyst for Spiceworks, Austin, TX

Yingyun Shen (PhD 2014, Mesterton-Gibbons) Analyst for Wells Fargo, Charlotte, NC

Sevgi Sengul (PhD 2014, Bertram) postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Istanbul. She published the paper "Determining the Contributions of Divisive and Subtractive Feedback in the Hodgkin-Huxley Model" in the Journal of Computational Neuroscience in 2014. Co-authors are Robert Clewley, Richard Bertram, and Joel Tabak.

Arij Daou (PhD 2013, Bertram) published in "Two Neural Streams, One Voice: Pathways for Theme and Variation in the Songbird Brain", in Neuroscience in 2014. Co-authors are Richard Bertram, Richard Hyson, Frank Johnson, and Wei Wu.