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FSU Mathematics Graduate Student Research Week 2019


Graduate Student Research Week

March 29-April 5

J. J. Love Building, Department of Mathematics

The Department of Mathematics is holding the Graduate Student Research Week to highlight research being conducted by the math graduate students. This celebration of research will consist of a series of "Flash Talks" in addition to a poster competition. The "Flash Talks" given by graduate students will be 8 minute research talks for a general math audience and will take place on March 29 at 3:35 in 101 LOV. The 6 graduate students chosen for the "Flash Talks" are listed below along with their abstracts. The second component of the Graduate Student Research Week is the poster contest. Students' posters can be viewed during the weeks of March 27- April 5 (and after!) on the 2nd floor of the Love Building. Students will be available on Wednesday and Thursday, March 27-28, between 2:30-4:30pm to present their posters to the judges and answer questions regarding their research.

Prizes will be awarded to the top 2 Flash Talks (1st place: $200, 2nd place: $100) and the top 3 posters (1st place: $200, 2nd place: $150, 3rd: $100). The Flash Talks and posters will be judged by a panel of faculty members and awards will be presented at Math Honors Day on April 5.



Poster Contest

March 27- April 5, 2019

2nd Floor, Love Building

John Bergschneider

Title: Detecting Simply Connected 2-Stratifolds

Shreya Bose

Title: Dynamic Linkages Between Singapore and NSE listed Nifty Index Futures and Nifty Spot Markets

Yiran Chen

Title: Simulation and Goodness-of-fit Test of Copulas

Carolyn Eady

Title: Discrete Conformal Invariants on the Cortical Surface

Jamie Fox

Title: Brownian Path Generation Using Polynomial Chaos Expansion

Opal Graham

Title: The Rigidity of Configurations of Points and Spheres

Michael Niemeier

Title: A Correspondence Between Central Extensions and Homotopy Classes of Maps

Arun Polala

Title: Multilevel Monte Carlo for LIBOR Market Model

Inmaculada Sorribes

Title: Biomechanical Model of Tumor-Induced Intracranial Pressure and Edema in Brain Tissue


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