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Recent FSU Mathematics PhDs

PhD Semester Student Area PhD Advisor Thesis Title
Fall 2023 Yijia Zhou Applied and Computational Math Adrian Barbu and Kyle Gallivan Scalable Clustering: Large Scale Unsupervised Learning of Gaussian Mixture Models with Outliers
Summer 2023 Abdullah Aurko Applied and Computational Math Justin Cole and Ziad Musslimani Instabilities in Nonlinear Schrodinger Equations: Classical and Neural Network Approaches
Fan Bai Biomath Richard Bertram and Bhargav Karamched Neuronal Development: From Polarization to Axonal Growth
Anindya Chanda Pure Math Sergio Fenley Quasigeodesic Behavior of Anosov Flows: A Bridge Between Dynamics and Large Scale Geometry
Hui (Alyssa) Duan Financial Math Giray Okten Computational Methods for Estimating Global Sensitivity Indices and Shapley Values
Hung Duong Financial Math Arash Fahim and Michael Mascagni Solving High-Dimensional Fully Nonlinear Convex Partial Differential Equations Using Deep Learning
Yuxiu Lu Pure Math Martin Bauer The $L^p$-Fisher-Rao metric and information geometry
Julia Ream Applied and Computational Math Marc Henry de Frahan and Mark Sussman Large Eddy Simulations to Investigate the Fundamental Flow Physics of Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Turbulent Jets
Hui Sun Financial Math Feng Bao Stochastic Optimal Control Through Gradient Projection Method and Backward Action Learning
Meng Wei Applied and Computational Math Kyle Gallivan and Wen Huang Solving Clustering Problems Using Riemannian Optimization
Zezhong Zhang Financial Math Feng Bao Mathematical Study on the Expressive Power of Machine Learning and Applications in Optimal Filtering Problems
Spring 2023 Austin Anderson Pure Math Alexander Reznikov Asymptotics of Certain Short-Range Interactions on Rectifiable Sets and Beyond
Shreya Bose Financial Math Ibrahim Ekren Risk aversion in Kyle-Back models
Sathyanarayanan Chandramouli Applied and Computational Math Ziad Musslimani Nonlinear wave propagation in non-Hermitian media: theory and computation
Angelica Davenport Biomath Nicholas Cogan Mathematical Models of Triple-Negative Breast Cancer and HIV: Methods to Inform Treatment Regimens in Preclinical and Clinical Settings
Samuel Dent Applied and Computational Math Aseel Farhat Analytical Study of Feedback Control Data Assimilation Algorithms for Ocean Models
Brad Mostowski Financial Math Ibrahim Ekren Stochastic Liquidity in the Kyle-Back Model
Virginia Parkman Biomath Nicholas Cogan Optimal Control Applied to a Canine Distemper Outbreak Modeled in an Animal Shelter
Edward (Alex) White Pure Math Alexander Reznikov Polarization and Covering on Sets of Low Smoothness: Studying Short Range Repulsive Points by Asymptotic Behavior
Fall 2022 Mehran Fazli Biomath Richard Bertram Modeling and Multi-Time Scale Analysis of Endocrine Cells: From Single Cell Excitability to Network Synchronization
Summer 2022 Mehdi (Soheil) Abdi Anbouhi Pure Math Washington Mio Universal Mappings and the Metric Geometry of Functional Data
Jinglun Cai Financial Math Alec Kercheval and Xiuwen Liu Two Topics in Deep Learning Based Dialogue Systems
Spring 2022 Yiran Chen Applied & Computational Math Giray Okten Simulation and Goodness-of-Fit Tests of Copulas
Zishi Feng Financial Math Brian Ewald and Ziad Musslimani A dynamic renormalization approach for solving stochastic differential equations
Haixu Wang Applied & Computational Math Ling Zhu A Discrete-Time Self- and Mutual-exciting Models
Yi Zhou Pure Math Mark van Hoeij Algorithms for Factoring Linear Recurrence Operators
Fall 2021 Hubeyb Gurdogan Financial Math Alec Kercheval Eigenvector Shrinkage for Estimating Covariance Matrices
Benjamin Prather Pure Math Mark van Hoeij Octonions - Hilbert Spaces, Fibrations and Analysis
Summer 2021 Joshua Kimrey Biomath Richard Bertram Geometric Singular Perturbation Analysis of Early Afterdepolarizations in Cardiac Myocytes: Canard Analysis of Cardiac Action Potential Models
Tarak Shisode Applied & Computational Math Washington Mio and Jinfeng Zhang Improving the accuracy of 3D chromosome structure inference and analyzing the organization of genome in early embryogenesis using single cell Hi-C data
Xiaoyu Wang Financial Math Ling Zhu Langevin Algorithms in Data Science
Spring 2021 Hua Huang Applied & Computational Math Adrian Barbu and Kyle Gallivan Robust machine learning and the application to lane change decision making prediction
Fall 2020 Shayea Waqaian Aldossari Pure Math Mark van Hoeij Algorithms for Simplifying Differential Equations
Peng Diao Applied & Computational Math M. Yousuff Hussaini
Mark Sussman
Parareal Algorithm Applied to the Stefan Problem
Yeuran Oh Biomath Richard Bertram Islet Synchronization in a Hybrid Experimental and Mathematical System
Summer 2020 Orhan Akal Applied & Computational Math Adrian Barbu Learning Chan-Vese
John Henry Bergschneider Pure Math Wolfgang Heil 2-Stratifolds with Finite Fundamental Group
Patrick Eastham Biomath Nick Moore
Nick Cogan
A Novel Model for Precipitation Reactions in Microfluidic Devices
Lydia Parker Marie Eldredge Pure Math Kathleen Petersen Minimal Mahler Measure in Cubic Fields
Jamie Fox Financial Math Giray Okten Applications of Polynomial Chaos to Monte Carlo Simulation
Yangzi Guo Applied & Computational Math Adrian Barbu A Study of Feature Interactions and Pruning on Neural Networks
Opal Jane Graham Pure Math Philip Bowers Rigidity of Point and Sphere Configurations
Haibin Hang Pure Math Washington Mio A New Formulation of 1-D Persistent Homology Via Correspondence Modules
Yang Liu Applied & Computational Math Mark Sussman
M. Yousuff Hussaini
A Novel Numerical Method for Resolving Micro-Structure Based on Supermesh for Multi-Material Systems
Zhiqiu Li Applied & Computational Math Lingjiong Zhu Option Pricing for An Affine Jump-Diffusion Model
Matthew McCurdy Applied & Computational Math Nick Moore
Xiaoming Wang
Convection in Coupled Fluid-Porous Media Systems: A Tale of Two Fluids
Michael Niemeier Pure Math Ettore Aldrovandi Central Extensions of Simplicial Groups and Presheaves of Simplicial Groups
Deniz Ozturk Biomath Nick Cogan Dynamics of Reversible and Irreversible Fouling and Optimal Control Analysis of Backwashing Timing for Hollow Fiber Microfiltration
Arun Kumar Polala Financial Math Giray Okten Multilevel Monte Carlo and Debiased Monte Carlo Methods in Financial Engineering
Zhe Su Pure Math Eric Klassen
Martin Bauer
Elastic Shape Analysis of Curves and Surfaces
Kangwei Xing Financial Math Arash Fahim Model-Independent Superhedging with Portfolio Constraints in Continuous Time under Weak S topology
Canlin Zhang Biomath Xiuwen Liu
Richard Bertram
Natural Language Processing by Deep Neural Networks
Spring 2020 Grayson Jorgenson Pure Math Paolo Aluffi Secant Indices, Duality Defect, and Generalizations of the Segre Zeta Function
Heting Yan Financial Math Alec Kercheval Deep Learning for Limit Order Book Trading and Mid-Price Movement
Thanittha Kowan Pure Math Philip Bowers Conformal Tilings and Expansion Complexes
Fall 2019 Antigoni Georgiadou Applied & Computational Math Mark Sussman
Tomas Plewa
Global Optimization in Stellar Evolution Applications
Feifan Liu Applied & Computational Math Mark Sussman Novel Numerical Analysis Methods, Using the WENO and WENO-Z Algorithms, for Combining Observational Data with Model Predictions for Improving Forecasts
Summer 2019 Johnna Pauline Barnaby Biomath Harsh Jain Mathematical Models of Prostate Cancer Progression and Response to Treatment
Carolyn Marie Eady Biomath Nick Cogan On the Use of Conformal Mappings, Invariants and Warpings in Investigations of the Cortical Surface
Inmaculada Concepcion Sorribes Rodriguez Biomath Harsh Jain Gliomas Diagnosis, Progression and Treatment: A Mathematical Approach
Matthew Crawford Villemarette Applied & Computational Math Mark Sussman Second Order Discrete Maximum Preserving Finite Difference and Finite Element Methods for Nonlinear Parabolic Equations
Spring 2019 Manu Aggarwal Biomath Nick Cogan Mathematical Modeling and Sensitivity Analysis for Biological Systems
Andrey Igorevich Manakov Financial Math Jerry Magnan Construction of a General Trading Approach for Financial Markets with Artificial Neural Networks
Mohammad Aamir Rasheed Pure Math Wolfgang Heil Surface Subgroups of 3-Manifold Groups
Seyyed Navid Salehy Financial Math Alec Kercheval Random Walks Over Point Processes and their Application in Finance
Seyyed Nima Salehy Financial Math Giray Okten Belief Function Theory: Monte Carlo Methods and Applications to Stock Markets
Ryan Michael Vinson Biomath Richard Bertram Modelling the Synchronous Behavior of Pancreatic Islets
PhD Semester Student Area PhD Advisor Thesis Title
Fall 2018 Zailei Cheng Applied & Computational Math Lingjiong Zhu Diffusion Approximation of a Risk Model
Summer 2018 Nihan Acar Biomath Nick Cogan Exploration of the Role of Disinfection Timing, Duration, and Other Control Parameters on Bacterial Populations Using a Mathematical Model
Gitesh Dawer Applied & Computational Math Adrian Barbu Neural Rule Ensembles: Encoding Feature Interactions into Neural Networks
Yaqing You Applied & Computational Math Kyle Gallivan A Riemannian approach for computing geodesics in elastic shape space and its applications
Xinru Yuan Applied & Computational Math Kyle Gallivan
Pierre-Antoine Absil
Riemannian Optimization Methods for Averaging Symmetric Positive Definite Matrices
Spring 2018 Serdar Cellat Biomath Washington Mio
Giray Okten
Metric Learning for Shape Classification: A Fast and Efficient Approach with Monte Carlo Methods
Atanaska Zapryanova Dobreva Biomath Nick Cogan Using Mathematical Tools to Investigate the Autoimmune Hair Loss Disease Alopecia Areata
Sepideh Ebadi Biomath Nick Cogan Evolutionary Dynamics of Bacterial Persistence Under Nutrient/ Antibiotic Actions
Daniel Eduardo Galvis Biomath Richard Bertram Distributed Neural Network Models for Birdsong Production
Matthew Charles Hancock Applied & Computational Math Jerry Magnan Algorithmic Lung Nodule Analysis in Chest Tomography Images: Lung Nodule Malignancy Likelihood Prediction and A Statistical Extension of the Level Set Image Segmentation Method
Hua-Yi Lin Financial Math Arash Fahim Optimal Portfolio Execution Under Time-Varying Liquidity Constraints
Yaineli Valdes Pure Math Ettore Aldrovandi The 1-Type of K-Theory for a Waldhausen Category as a Multifunctor
Ethan Randy Williams Pure Math Richard Oberlin Affine Dimension of Smooth Curves and Surfaces
Xiping Zhang Pure Math Paolo Aluffi Characteristic Classes and Local Invariants on Determinantal Varieties (Temperate)
PhD Semester Student Area PhD Advisor Thesis Title
Fall 2017 Jian Li Biomath Nick Cogan Modeling of Biofilms with Implementations
Wan-Yu Tsai Financial Math Arash Fahim Monte Carlo Scheme For A Singular Control Problem: Investment-Consumption Under Proportional Transaction Costs
Sergiusz Jan Wesolowski Biomath Richard Bertram
Wei Wu
Developing SRSF Shape Analysis Techniques for Applications in Neuroscience and Genomics
Wen Xu Pure Math Mark van Hoeij Third Order $A$-Hypergeometric Functions
Melissa Sue Marchand Applied & Computational Math Kyle Gallivan
Paul Van Dooren
Low-rank Riemannian Optimization Approach to the Role Extraction Problem
Summer 2017 Chaoxu Pei Applied & Computational Math Mark Sussman
M. Yousuff Hussaini
Space-Time Spectral Element Methods in Fluid Dynamics and Materials Science
Erdal Imamoglu Pure Math Mark van Hoeij Algorithms for Solving Linear Differential Equations with Rational Function Coefficients
Chenchen Zhou Financial Math Alec Kercheval On the Multidimensional Default Threshold Model for Credit Risk Model
Diana Lissett Flores-Diaz Biomath Richard Bertram An Electrophysiological and Mathematical Modeling Study of Developmental and Sex Effects on Neurons of the Zebra Finch Song System
Omid Khanmohamadi Applied & Computational Math Mark Sussman High-Order, Efficient, Numerical Algorithms For Integration In Manifolds Implicitly Defined By Level Sets
Yahya Ahmed Almalki Pure Math Craig Nolder Sorvali Dilatation and Spin Divisors on Riemann and Klein Surfaces
Jian Wang Financial Math Jinfeng Zhang
Giray Okten
Ensemble Methods for Capturing Dynamics of Limit Order Books
Yunyi Shen Pure Math Matilde Marcolli
Paolo Aluffi
Arithmetic Aspects of Noncommutative Geometry: Motives of Noncommutative Tori and Phase Transitions on $\operatorname{GL}(n)$ and Shimura Varieties Systems
Yu-Ying Tzeng Financial Math Giray Okten
Paul Beaumont
Quasi-Monte Carlo and Markov Chain Quasi-Monte Carlo Methods in Estimation and Prediction of Time Series Models
Leona H. Sparaco Pure Math Kathleen Petersen Character Varieties of Knots and Links with Symmetries
PhD Semester Student Area PhD Advisor Thesis Title
Spring 2017 Vehpi Yildirim Biomath Richard Bertram Mathematical Modeling and Analysis of Gene Knockout Compensation in Pancreatic Beta-Cells
Corey Harris Pure Math Paolo Aluffi Effective Methods in Intersection Theory and Combinatorial Algebraic Geometry
Yao Dai Biomath Mike Mesterton-Gibbons Game-Theoretic Models of Animal Behavior Observed in Some Recent Experiments
Jian Li Biomath Nick Cogan Mathematical Modeling of Biofilms and Implementations
Liang-Hsuan Tai Applied & Computational Math Kyle Gallivan
Anuj Srivastava
Trend and Variable-Phase Seasonality Estimation from Functional Data
David Mandel Financial Math Giray Okten Random Sobol - Sensitivity Analysis and Model Robustness
Mehmet Emin Aktas Pure Math Eriko Hironaka Topology of $N$-gonal Curves
Daniel Weingard Biomath Richard Bertram Scroll Waves: And How They Interact with Non-Reactive Knots, Tori, And Spheres
Yuanda Chen Financial Math Alec Kercheval Modeling Limit Order Book Dynamics using Hawkes Processes
John Max Wyse Biomath Mike Mesterton-Gibbons The Impact of Competition on Temporal Musth Strategies: A Game-Theoretic Approach
Joseph Patrick McKenna Biomath Richard Bertram Insulin Secretion Rhythms: Calcium Regulation of Beta-Cell Metabolism and Rescue of Islet Oscillations
Fall 2016 Kouadio David Yao Financial Math Victor Patrangenaru
Alec Kercheval
Statistical Analysis on Object Spaces with Applications to 3D Face Analysis and Exchange Rates Data
Chun-Yuan Chiu Financial Math Alec Kercheval Modeling Credit Risk in the Default Threshold Framework
Robert Brantley Billet Pure Math Eriko Hironaka Flow Equivalence Classes of Pseudo-Anosov Surface Homeomorphisms
Summer 2016 Justin Eilertsen Applied & Computational Math Jerry Magnan Local and Global Bifurcations in Finite-Dimensional Center Manifold Equations of Double-Diffusive Convection
Dane Mayhook Pure Math Philip Bowers Conformal Tilings and Type
PhD Semester Student Area PhD Advisor Thesis Title
Spring 2016 Mao Li Biomath Washington Mio Quantifying Phenotypic Variation through Local Persistent Homology and Imaging
David Allen Ekrut- Biomath Nicholas Cogan Symmetry Solutions of the Multiphase Model with Biological Applications
Angela Michelle Jarrett Biomath Nick Cogan
M. Yousuff Hussaini
Investigating Persistent Infections Using Mathematical Modeling and Analyses
Diego Hernan Diaz Martinez Biomath Washington Mio Multiscale Summaries of Probability Measures with Applications to Plant and Microbiome Data
Brendon Kerr Ballenger-Fazzone Pure Math Craig A. Nolder An Analysis of Conjugate Harmonic Components of Monogenic Functions and Lambda Harmonic Functions
Justin Thomas Cole Applied & Computational Math Ziad Musslimani Nonlinear Schrodinger-type Systems: Complex Lattices and Non-paraxiality
Yuanda Chen Financial Math Alec Kercheval Modeling Limit Order Book Dynamics using Hawkes Processes
Fall 2015 Sarah Kim Biomath Monica Hurdal A Mathematical Model of Cerebral Cortical Folding Development Based on a Biomechanical Hypothesis
Celestine Woodruff Applied & Computational Math Xiaoming Wang Efficient and Accurate Numerical Schemes for Long Time Statistical Properties of the Infinite Prandtl Number Model for Convection
Summer 2015 Guifang Zhou Applied & Computational Math Kyle Gallivan
Paul van Dooren
Rank-Constrained Optimization: A Riemannian Manifold Approach
Dong Sun Applied & Computational Math Xiaoming Wang
Max Gunzberger
High Order Long-Time Accurate Methods for Stokes-Darcy System and Uncertainty Quantification of Contaminant Transport
Dawna Jones Financial Math Alec Kercheval
Paul Beaumont
Asset Pricing Equilibria for Heterogeneous, Limited-Information Agents
Patrick Fletcher Biomath Richard Bertram
Joel Tabak-Sznajder
Theoretical, Computational, and Experimental Topics in Anterior Pituitary Cell Signaling
Wei Yuan Financial Math Giray Okten
Kyounghee Kim
Estimating Sensitivities of Exotic Options Using Monte Carlo Methods
William Adams Pure Math Paolo Aluffi Lagrangian Specialization Via Log Resolution and Schwartz MacPherson Chern Classes
Daozhi Han Applied & Computational Math Xiaoming Wang Diffuse Interface Method for Two-Phase Incompressible Flows
Linlin Xu Financial Math Giray Okten GPU Computing in Financial Engineering
Spring 2015 Russell Waller Pure Math Sergio Fenley Periodic Pieces of Pseudo-Anosov Flows in Graph Manifolds
Qiuping Xu Biomath Washington Mio Keeping Pace with the Times: Quantifying Variation of Newly Emerging Biological Shape Data
John Emanuello Pure Math Craig Nolder Analysis of Functions of Split-Complex, Multicomplex and Split-Quaternionic Variables and Their Associated Conformal Geometry
Tugba Karabiyik Biomath Mike Mesterton-Gibbons A Game-Theoretic Analysis of Competition Over Indivisible Resources
Anthony Wills Financial Math Brian Ewald
Xiaoming Wang
Analysis of Regularity and Convergence of Discretization Methods for the Stochastic Heat Equation Forced by Space-Time White Noise
Xin Li Pure Math Mika Seppala
Mark Van Hoeij
Myrbergs Numerical Uniformization
PhD Semester Student Area PhD Advisor Thesis Title
Fall 2014 Sevgi Sengul Biomath Richard Bertram
Unveiling Mechanisms for Electrical Activity Patterns in Neurons and Pituitary Cells Using Mathematical Modeling and Analysis
Summer 2014 Ming Zhu Financial Math Warren Nichols Radically Elementary Stochastic Summation with Applications to Finance
MatthewDonahue Biomath Nick Cogan Modeling the Effect of Biofilm
Vijay Kunwar Pure Math Mark van Hoeij Hypergeometric Solutions of Linear Differential Equations with Rational Function Coeffficients
Matt Jemison Applied & Computational Math Mark Sussman An asymptotically preserving method for multiphase flow
Yingyuen Shen Biomath Mike Mesterton-Gibbons Mathematical Models of Dengue Fever and Measures to Control It
Nguyet Nguyen Financial Math Giray Okten Probabilistic methods in estimation and prediction of financial models
Ivan Dungan Pure Math Ettore Aldrovandi $n$-butterflies: modeling weak morphisms of strict $n$-groups
Spring 2014 Ahmed Derar Islim Financial Math David Kopriva Pricing and Hedging Derivatives with Sharp Profiles using tuned High Resolution Finite Difference Schemes
Andrew Winters Applied & Computational Math David Kopriva Discontinuous Galerkin spectral element approximations for the reflection and transmission of waves from moving material interfaces
Wen Huang Applied & Computational Math Kyle Gallivan
P.A. Absii
Optimization Algorithms on Riemannian Manifolds with Applications
Fall 2013 Pierre Garreau Financial Math Alec Kercheval Jump Dependence and Default Risk: a new class of structural models of default risk
Yanyan He Applied & Computational Math Yousuff Hussaini Uncertainty quantification and data fusion based on Dempster-Shafer theory
Yaning Liu Applied & Computational Math Giray Okten
Yousuff Hussaini
Non-intrusive methods for probabilistic uncertainty quantification and global sensitivity analysis in nonlinear stochastic phenomena
Candace Ohm Pure Math Mike Mesterton-Gibbons The Evolution of Deception in Signaling Systems
Mark Whidden Biomath Nick Cogan Numertical Methods for Multiphase Systems and Applications to Biology
Yuan Zhang Financial Math Alec Kercheval Modeling high-frequency order book dynamics with support vector machines
PhD Semester Student Area PhD Advisor Thesis Title
Summer 2013 Ibukun Amusan Financial Math Giray Okten
Brian Ewald
Parameter estimation for a stochastic volatility model with coupled additive and multiplicative noise
Arij Daou Biomath Richard Bertram From Songs to Ion Channels and Mathematical Modeling
Jian Geng Financial Math Michael Navon
Bettye Anne Case
Calibration of local volatility models and proper orthogonal decomposition (pod) reduced order modeling for stochastic volatility models
Yuanting Lu Biomath Jack Quine Discrete Frenet frame with application to structural biology and kinematics
Wanwan Huang Financial Math Giray Okten
Brian Ewald
Stochastic Modeling of Financial Derivatives
Xia Liao Pure Math Paolo Aluffi Chern classes of sheaves of logarithmic vector fields for free divisors
Dongxu Wang Pure Math Wolfgang Heil 3-manifolds of $S^1$-category 3
Spring 2013 Jonathan Bates Biomath Washington Mio Spectral methods for morphometry
Motoi Namihira Financial Math David Kopriva Probabilistic uncertainty analysis and its applications in option models
Gregory Toole Biomath Monica Hurdal Modeling cortical folding patterns of the brain using a growth domain
Linda (Crystal) Wells Pure Math Eric Klassen Shape analysis of curves in higher dimensions
Fall 2012 Tingting Fang Pure Math Mark van Hoeij Solving linear differential equations in terms of hypergeometric functions by 2-descent
Dan Li Pure Math Matilde Marcolli
Paolo Aluffi
Periods and motives: applications in mathematical physics
Daniel Robinson Pure Math Eric Klassen Functional analysis and partial matching in the square root velocity framework
Jinhua Yan Financial Math David Kopriva Partial differential equation methods to price options in the energy market
Summer 2012 Joseph A. Boor Financial Math Patricia Born
Bettye Anne Case
Qihe Tang
An analytic approach to estimating the required surplus, benchmark profit, and optimum reinsurance retnetion for an insurance enterprise
James A. Fullwood Pure Math Paolo Aluffi On elliptic fibrations and F-theory compactifications of string vacua
Randall J. Heaton Pure Math Amod Agashe
Mark van Hoeij
Algorithms for computing congruences between modular forms
Wondimu W. Teka Biomath Richard Bertram Nonlinear dynamics underlying fast bursting in pituitary cells
Guanghong Wang Pure Math Craig Nolder Dirac operators, multipliers, and $H^p$ spaces of monogenic functions
PhD Semester Student Area PhD Advisor Thesis Title
Spring 2012 Johnathon K. Armstrong Pure Math Eriko Hironaka
Kathleen Petersen
Principal elements of mixed-sign Coxeter systems
Yu Fan Biomath Washington Mio Learning shape metrics for inferring the nature of allometry and shape classification
He Huang Financial Math Alec Kercheval Modeling order book dynamics using queues and point processes
Tianyu Liang Applied & Computational Math Xiaoming Wang
Alec Kercheval
Alternative models for stochastic volatility corrections for equity and interest rate derivatives
Yang Liu Financial Math Alec Kercheval Risk forecasting and portfolio optimization with GARCH, skewed-t distribution, and multiple timescales
Quan Yuan Pure Math Mark van Hoeij Finding all Bessel-type solutions for linear differential equations with rational function coefficients
Fall 2011 Judson P. Stryker Pure Math Paolo Aluffi Chern-Schwartz-MacPherson classes of graph hypersurfaces and Schubert varieties
Aaron D. Valdivia Pure Math Eriko Hironaka Pseudo-Anosov sequences with asymptotically small dilatation
Margaret A. Watts Biomath Richard Bertram Slow variable dominance in pancreatic beta-cell models
Summer 2011 Saikat Biswas Pure Math Amod Agashe Constructing non-trivial elements of the Shafarevich-Tate group of an abelian variety
Yuanying Guan Financial Math Alec Kercheval
Paul Beaumont
Asset market dynamics of heterogeneous agents models with learning
Qin Li Applied & Computational Math Gordon Erlebacher (DSC, FSU)
Xiaoming Wang
Sparse approximation and its applications
Spring 2011 Cesar Acosta-Minoli Applied & Computational Math David Kopriva Discontinuous Galerkin spectral element approximations on moving meshes for wave scattering from reflective moving boundaries
Young J. Cha Pure Math Mark van Hoeij Closed form solutions of linear difference equations
Xiao Chen Applied & Computational Math I. Michael Navon (DSC, FSU)
Mark Sussman
4-D var data assimilation and POD model reduction methodologies applied to geophysical fluid dynamics models
Austen C. Duffy Applied & Computational Math Mark Sussman
Yousuff Hussaini
Massively parallel algorithms for CFD simulation and optimization on heterogeneous many-cove architectures
Philip Paul Lepoudre Applied & Computational Math Christopher K.W. Tam Computational aeroacoustics cascade model of fan noise
Jamil W. Mortada Pure Math Sergio Fenley
Eriko Hironaka
Arim and Dehn twist subgroups of the mapping class group
Chunhong Qi Applied & Computational Math Kyle Gallivan
Pierre-Antoine Absil
Numerical optimization methods on Riemanian manifolds
Matthew C. Willyard Financial Math David Kopriva Adaptive spectral element methods to price American options
Fall 2010 Yaohong Wang Applied & Computational Math Mark Sussman Numerical methods for two-phase jet flow
PhD Semester Student Area PhD Advisor Thesis Title
Summer 2010 Dervis Bayazit Financial Math Craig Nolder Sensitivity analysis of options under Levy processes via Malliavin calculus
Xinyang Liu Biomath Washington Mio Shape spaces, metrics, and their applications to brain anatomy
Ji Shen Applied & Computational Math Gordon Erlebacher (DSC, FSU)
Xiaoming Wang
No-reference natural image/video quality assessment of noisy, blurry, or compressed images/videos based on hybrid curvelet, wavelet, and cosine transforms
Svetlana V. Simakhina Applied & Computational Math Mark Sussman Level set and conservative level set methods on dynamic quadrilateral grids
Ahmet E. Tatar Pure Math Ettore Aldrovandi Picard 2-stacks and length 3 complexes of abelian sheaves
Spring 2010 Yong Jung Biomath Michael Mascagni (CS, FSU)
Philip Bowers
A computational study of ion conductance in the KscA K+ channel using a Nerst-Planck model with explicit resident ions
Giles S. Levy Pure Math Mark van Hoeij Solutions of second order recurrence relations
Fall 2009 Juan B Gutierrez Biomath Monica Hurdal Mathematical analysis of the use of Trojan sex chromosomes as means of eradication of invasive species
Edwin N. Jimenez Applied & Computational Math Yousuff Hussaini Uncertainty quantification of nonlinear stochastic phenomena
Deborah Striegel Biomath Monica Hurdal Modeling the folding pattern of the cerebral cortex
Summer 2009 Ahmet Goncu Financial Math Giray Okten Monte Carlo and quasi-Monte Carlo methods in pricing financial derivatives
Fei Hua Applied & Computational Math Xiaoming Wang
Max Gunsburger (DSC, FSU)
Modeling, analysis and simulation of the Stokes-Darcy system with Beavers-Joseph interface condition
Rana Parshad Financial Math Xiaoming Wang Asymptotic behavior of convection in porous media
Fall 2008 Yuri Alex Lebedev Pure Math Mika Seppala Open math library for computing on Riemann surfaces
Haomin Lin Applied & Computational Math Janet Peterson (DSC, FSU)
Max Gunzburger (DSC, FSU)
An optimal control problem for a time dependent Ginzburg-Landau model of superconductivity
Konstantinos Mavroudis Financial Math Craig Nolder Constant proportions portfolio strategies in an evolutionary context under a dividend factor model
Emmanuel R. Salta Financial Math Giray Okten Variance reduction techniques in pricing financial derivatives
Milena Tzigantcheva Financial Math Craig Nolder Stochastic volatility extensions of the swap market model
PhD Semester Student Area PhD Advisor Thesis Title
Summer 2008 Manan Y Shah Financial Math Giray Okten
Yevgeny Goncharov
Randomized quasi-Monte Carlo methods and the computation of endogenous mortgage rates
Eunjoo Yoo Financial Math Craig Nolder Variance gamma pricing of American futures options
Spring 2008 Hoa V. Nguyen Applied & Computational Math Max Gunzburger (DSC, FSU) Centroidal Voronoi Tessellations for mesh generation: from uniform to anisotropic adaptive triangulations
Andrew P. Novocin Pure Math Mark van Hoeij Factoring univariate polynomials over the rationals
Wuming Zhu Financial Math David Kopriva A spectral element method to price European options
Fall 2007 Wan-Kan Chan Applied & Computational Math Max Gunzburger (DSC, FSU) Analysis and approximation of a two-banded Ginzburg-Landau model of superconductivity
Juan F Moreno Financial Math Alec Kercheval Impulse control problems under non-constant volatility
Yuki Saka Applied & Computational Math Max Gunzburger (DSC, FSU) Analysis of two PDE models in fluid mechanics: nonlinear spectral eddy-viscosity model of turbulence and infinite Prandti-number model of mantle convection
Summer 2007 Zheng Chen Applied & Computational Math Max Gunzburger (DSC, FSU) Anova for parameter dependent nonlinear PDEs and numerical methods for the stochastic Stokes equations
Andrew Culham Financial Math Alec Kercheval
Paul Beaumont (Economics, FSU)
Asset pricing in a Lucas framework with boundary rational, heterogeneous agents
Lee W. Singleton Biomath Monica Hurdal Geometric and computational generation, correction, and simplification of cortical surfaces of the human brain
Spring 2007 Christian Laing Biomath De Witt Sumners Biomedical applications of shape descriptors
Jennifer K Mann Biomath De Witt Sumners
E. Lynn Zechiedrich
DNA knotting: Occurrences, consequences, and resolution
Natalia Toporikova Biomath Richard Bertram Regulation of rhythmic prolaction secretion: combined mathematical and experimental study
Clayton Webster Applied & Computational Math Max Gunzburger (DSC, FSU) Sparse collocation techniques for the numerical solution of stochastic partial differential equations
Jianke Zhang Financial Math Alec Kercheval Numerical methods for portfoliorisk estimation
Fall 2006 Srisairam Achuthan Biomath J.R. Quine Analysis of orientational restraints in solid-state nuclear magnetic resonance with applications to protein structure determination
Mack L Galloway Financial Math Craig Nolder Option pricing with selfsimilar additive processes
Dimitre G. Tzigantchev Pure Math Paolo Aluffi Predegree polynomials of plane configurations in projective space
PhD Semester Student Area PhD Advisor Thesis Title
Summer 2006 William E. Wood Pure Math Philip Bowers Combinatorial type problems for triangulation graphs
Spring 2006 Santha Ram Akella Applied & Computational Math I. Michael Navon (DSC, FSU) Deterministic and stochastic aspects of data assimilation
Fall 2005 Ana M. Croicu Applied & Computational Math Yousuff Hussaini Single and multiple-objective stochastic programming with applications to aerodynamics
Wenbo Hu Financial Math Alec Kercheval Calibration of multivariate generalized hyperbolic distributions using the EM algorithm, with applications in risk management, portfolio optimization, and portfolio credit risk
Summer 2005 Zhenlu Cui Pure Math Qi Wang Rheology and mesoscale morphology of flows of cholesteric and nematic liquid crystal polymers
Anand Ganesan Pure Math Christopher K.W. Tam TWO PART THESIS: 1. A modified K-undefined control sequence E turbulence model of high speed jets at elevated temperatures 2. Modeling and a computational study of spliced acoustic liners
Samet Y Kadioglu Applied & Computational Math Mark Sussman All speed mutli-phase flow solvers
Parthasar Srinivasan Biomath J.R. Quine Applications of representation theory and higher-order perturbation theory in NMR
Spring 2005 Jacqueline R. Goforth Pure Math Sam Huckaba Description and analysis of a two-variable version of the NTRU crypto system
Spring 2005 Marc R. Lengfield Pure Math Dan Oberlin Envelopes, duality, and multipliers for certain non-locally convex Hardy-Lorentz spaces
Summer 2004 Caroline M. Boulis Pure Math Wolfgang Heil Finite Abelian group actions on orientable circle bundles over surfaces
Spring 2004 Marc R. Lengfield Pure Math Dan Oberlin Envelopes, duality, and multipliers for certain non-locally convex Hardy-Lorentz spaces
Benoit Montin Financial Math Craig Nolder A stock market agent-based model using evolutionary game theory and quantum mechanical formalism
Fall 2003 Deborah Jones Pure Math Paolo Aluffi Intersection numbers of divisors in graph varieties
Summer 2003 Roger V Vogeler Pure Math Philip Bowers On the geometry of Hurwitz surfaces
Spring 2003 Irma Cruz-White Biomath De Witt Sumners Topology of spiral waves in excitable media
Summer 2002 Cristian Homescu Applied & Computational Math I. Michael Navon (DSC, FSU) Optimal control of continuous and discontinouos flow