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General Requirements for All Majors in Mathematics

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Current information about the majors offered by the Department of Mathematics can be found in the FSU Undegraduate Bulletin for Mathematics. (See also the Academic Program Guide for your intended major, and your Academic Requirement Report in Student Central.)

B.S. in Mathematics

Students intending to complete one of the four majors Mathematics, Applied and Computational Mathematics, Biomathematics, or Mathematics/FSU-Teach should begin by completing the following shared core mathematics requirements:

  1. mac2311 Calculus 1
  2. mac2312 Calculus 2
  3. mac2313 Calculus 3
  4. map2302 Ordinary Differential Equations
  5. mas3105 Applied Linear Algebra 1
  6. mgf3301 Intro to Advanced Math OR mad2104 Discrete Math 1
  • Pure math majors are required to take mgf3301. Students in any of the four majors are strongly advised to select mgf3301 if they plan to take maa4224, maa4226, mas4203, mas4302, or mtg4302. It is permitted to take both mgf3301 and mad2104.
  • Several of these courses may be taken concurrently. Majors are advised to take Calculus 3 prior to or concurrently with Linear Algebra, and Linear Algebra prior to or concurrently with Intro to Advanced Math.

After completion of these shared core mathematics requirements, students are ready to continue with their upper division math courses.

B.S. in Actuarial Science

Students intending to major in Actuarial Science should consult the Guide to Actuarial Science and the actuarial science advisors.