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Mathematics Colloquium

David Murrugarra
University of Kentucky

Title: Phenotype Control Methods for Regulatory Networks
Date: Friday, October 01, 2021
Place and Time: Zoom, 3:05-3:55 pm

Abstract. Many problems in engineering, biology, and medicine have a control component where the objective is to modify a component of the model (such as a set of nodes and edges in a network model) to obtain a desired effect in the system or to drive the system into a desired state. For instance, in cancer modeling, often the objective is to induce cells to achieve a certain desired phenotype (e.g., programed cell death). In this talk, I will discuss the interplay of different approaches for phenotype control. I will focus on control methods for Boolean networks including algebraic methods, feedback vertex sets, and stable motifs. I will discuss the fundamentals and the requirements for using each of these methods. I will present examples of applications of these approaches on specific models and then compare the results. Finally, I will discuss the challenges such as the complexity and the availability of software for using each of these control methods.