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FSU Mathematics Distinguished Lecture Series


The FSU Mathematics Distinguished Lecture Series, which has been newly established in 2022, is an annual event, that features an outstanding researcher from any area of pure and applied Mathematics.

2023-2024 FSU Mathematics Distinguished Lecture

Wilhelm Schlag

Title: On the stability of solitons and topological solitons in one-dimensional field theories.

Short Bio: Wilhelm Schlag obtained his PhD at the California Institute of Technology in 1996 under the supervision of Thomas Wolff. Since then, he has held positions at Princeton University, California Institute of Technology and the University of Chicago where he was H. J. Livingston Professor of Mathematics. Since 2018 he is Professor at Yale University, where he currently serves as the Chair of the Department of Mathematics. He has done extensive work in Fourier Analysis, Spectral theory and dispersive partial differential equations. For his work he has received numerous awards, including the Sloan Fellowship, the Guggenheim Fellowship and an Invited Lecture at the International Congress of Mathematics in 2014. In addition he is currently one of the managing editors of Inventiones Mathematicae, one of the leading publications in the Mathematical Sciences.

URL: https://www.math.fsu.edu/colloquium/23-24/schlag.math

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2022-2023 FSU Mathematics Distinguished Lecture

Mete Soner

Title: Recent computational methods for stochastic optimal control.

Short Bio: Mete Soner is a professor of Operations Research and Financial Engineering at Princeton University. Before joining Princeton in 2019, he was a professor of mathematics and the Chair of the department at ETH Zurich. He also taught at Carnegie Mellon University, and Sabanci and Koc Universities in Istanbul. He received the TUEBITAK-TWAS Science award in 2002, was the recipient of an ERC Advanced Investigators Grant in 2009 and the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation Research Award in 2014. He was elected as a SIAM Fellow in 2015. He authored or co-authored papers on nonlinear partial differential equations, viscosity solutions, stochastic optimal control and mathematical finance. He is Editor-in-Chief of SIAM Journal of Financial Mathematics (SIFIN), a Co-Editor of Mathematics and Financial Economics (MAFE) and an associate editor for Finance and Stochastics, Interfaces and Free Boundaries, Mathematics of Operations Research.

URL: https://www.math.fsu.edu/colloquium/22-23/soner.math

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