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Friends of FSU Math

Your donations to FSU Mathematics help support alumni networking, community outreach, research activities and social events.

You have the option of contributing to a general fund, or designating how your donation is used. The following is a list of examples:

  • Student Research Activities: This includes student travel and registration fees to attend conferences.
  • Social mixers: Foundation money is used to support weekly department teas, and when possible yearly social gatherings with students and faculty.
  • Outreach activities: The department holds free events for the community, including the High School Mathematics competition, and Math Fun Day . These can continue only if there is sufficient financial help from the public.

Any donation amount allow's you to become a Friend of FSU Math. Further denominations include:

  • Contributors ($100--$499)
  • Sponsors ($500-$999)
  • Fellows ($1000-$1999
  • Patrons ($2000)

With a sufficiently large gift, you or someone you designate can have their name associated to an event or award, or put on a permanent plaque in the department. An example is the Brennan Professorship, awarded to Professor Paolo Aluffi in 2012. Other possibilities are:

  • Student awards in research or in teaching: Teaching Assistants play an enormous role in fulfilling the mission of the Department. FSU Math has many deserving graduate student TAs, and each year several are chosen for recognition for their contributions in teaching, research and service.
  • Facilities: Common areas for students and faculty members to gather and converse are essential for mathematics research and learning.

We sincerely thank all those who have donated in the past for making it possible to maintain and increase the activities mentioned above. Please continue your generous contributions. If you are thinking of giving a gift to the FSU Math Foundation for the first time, we welcome you as a new Friend of FSU Math. The minimum suggested donation is $20, but any amount large or small will be a welcome contribution and a sign of your support for our activities.

A convenient online form is available for online donations. To use the form, please click the "Search Funds" tab and use "math" as the search term. Alumni are also invited to fill out a short questionaire.

Your continuing generosity is appreciated!

Last update: March 16, 2022.