2014 FSU Math Honor Roll

The Department of Mathematics gratefully acknowledges the following people and organizations for their generous financial support during the past year. Your kind gifts were crucial in funding several important departmental functions such as colloquium visitors, student activities, distinguished lectures, student and faculty recruitment, seminar and colloquium teas, and community outreach activities.

Your generosity is greatly appreciated!

Yao Dai, Lucia Garza-Caraccia, Sinem Karatas, Roberto Sobalvarro, Thomas Warren, Kelly Weaver

Amog Agashe, Paolo Aluffi, Steven Bellenot, Richard Bertram, Martha Blackwelder, Scott Boyer, Philip Bowers, Arthur Campbell, Meg Carr, Nicolas Cogan, Anya Denbow, Arash Fahim, Sergio Fenley, Jian Geng, Wolfgang Heil, Kendra Hill, Eriko Hironaka, Sam Huckaba, Cameron Jones, Alec Kercheval, Kyounghee Kim, Michael King, Mary Kutter, Rachel McNutt, Washington Mio, Evan Nash, Daniel Oberlin, Giray Okten, Amelia Power, Zhiwei Ren, Scott Rimbey, Paul Romanelli, Mika Seppala, Mark Sussman, Christopher Tam, Mark van Hoeij, Wells Fargo Foundation

Tapio Boles, Kevin Eady, Wenbo Hu, Steven Paris, Xiaoming Wang

Carmen Castanon, D.W. Simpson & Company, Inc., Edward & Amy Qian

John Crowe, Towers and Watson

Please do not hesitate to contact the Chair (chair@math.fsu.edu) if you have any suggestions or comments.