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FSU Math Department e-Print Archive 1994 -- 2004

  • [abs, pdf, ref] FSU04-22:
  • Filtering of calcium Transients by the Endoplasmic Reticulum in Pancreatic Beta-Cells

    R. Bertram, Arthur Sherman, 11 pages

  • [abs, pdf, ref] FSU04-21:
  • Mathematical Aspects of Protein Structure Determination with NMR Orientational Restraints,

    J. R. Quine, Timothy A. Cross, Michael S. Chapman, R. Bertram, 26 pages

  • [abs, pdf, ref] FSU04-20:
  • Calcium and Glycolysis Mediate Multiple Bursting Modes in Pancreatic Islets,

    R. Bertram, L. Satin, M. Zhang, P. Smolen, A. Sherman, 14 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU04-19:
  • Validity of the one and one-half layer quasi-geostrophic model and effective topography,

    Andrew Majda, Xiaoming Wang, 12 pages

  • [abs, ps, pdf], FSU04-18:
  • Restricted Radon transforms and unions of hyperplanes,

    Daniel M. Oberlin, 12 pages

  • [abs, ps, pdf], FSU04-17:
  • The second derivative of a convex function,

    Daniel M. Oberlin, 5 pages

  • [abs, ps, pdf] FSU04-16:
  • The emergence of large scale coherent structure under small scale random bombardments,

    Andrew Majda, Xiaoming Wang, 41 pages

  • [abs, pdf, ref], FSU04-15:
  • A posteriori pointwise error estimation for compressible fluid flows using adjoint parameters and Lagrange remainder,

    A.K. Alekseev, I.M. Navon, 27 pages

  • [abs, ps] FSU04-14:
  • t-Statistics for Weighted Means with Applications to Credit Risk Models,

    L. R. Goldberg, A. N. Kercheval, K. Lee, 21 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU04-13:
  • Hermitian-holomorphic Deligne cohomology, Deligne pairing for singular metrics, and hyperbolic metrics,

    Ettore Aldrovandi, 20 pages

  • [abs, pdf, ref] FSU04-12:
  • A Calcium-Based Phantom Bursting Model for Pancreatic Islets,

    Richard Bertram, Arthur Sherman,

    32 pages

  • [abs, pdf], FSU04-11:
  • Skipped Blocking and other Decompositions in Banach spaces,

    Steven F. Bellenot, 11 pages

  • [abs, pdf, ref], FSU04-10:
  • Modification systems and integration in their Chow groups,

    Paolo Aluffi, 43 pages

  • [abs, pdf, ref], FSU04-09:
  • Rhythmic Secretion of Prolactin in Rats: Action of Oxytocin Coordinated by Vasoactive Intestinal Polypeptide of Suprachiasmatic Nucleus Origin,

    Marcel Egli, Richard Bertram, Michael T. Sellix, Marc E. Freeman, 9 pages

  • [abs, pdf, ref], FSU04-08:
  • Complex bursting in pancreatic islets: a potential glycolytic mechanism,

    Keola Wierschem, Richard Bertram, 9 pages

  • [abs, pdf], FSU04-07:
  • Hardy-Littlewood Inequality for Quasiregular Maps on Carnot Groups,

    Craig A. Nolder, 8 pages

  • [abs, pdf], FSU04-06:
  • Conjugate Harmonic Functions and Clifford Algebras,

    Craig A. Nolder, 7 pages

  • [abs, pdf], FSU04-05:
  • Spaces of Curves, Dynamical Contours and Localization in Computer Vision,

    Washington Mio, Anuj Srivastava, Xiuwen Liu, 25 pages

  • [abs, pdf], FSU04-04:
  • Mixed norm estimates for some averaging operators in R2,

    Daniel M. Oberlin, 11 pages

  • [abs, pdf], FSU04-03:
  • The quadratic form E8 and exotic homology manifolds,

    Washington Mio, Andrew Ranicki, 26 pages

  • [abs, pdf, ref], FSU04-02:
  • Chern classes of birational varieties,

    Paolo Aluffi, 8 pages

  • [abs, pdf, ref], FSU04-01:
  • On a-posteriori pointwise error estimation using adjoint temperature and Lagrange remainder,

    A.K. Alekseev, I.M. Navon, 30 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU03-14:
  • An agent market model using evolutionary game theory,

    Benoit S. Montin, Craig A. Nolder, 24 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU03-13:
  • Hermitian-holomorphic (2)-gerbes and tame symbols,

    Ettore Aldrovandi, 27 pages

  • [abs, pdf, ref] FSU03-12:
  • A minimal model for G protein-mediated synaptic facilitation and depression,

    R. Bertram, J. Swanson, M. Yousef, Z.-P. Feng, G. W. Zamponi, 11 pages

  • [abs, pdf, ref] FSU03-11:
  • Atomic refinement with correlated solid-state NMR restraints,

    R. Bertram, T. Asbury, F. Fabiola, J. Quine, 11 pages

  • [abs, ps] FSU03-10:
  • Selfsimilar Additive Processes and Financial Modeling,

    C. A. Nolder, 7 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU03-09:
  • The impact of background error on incomplete observations for 4-D VAR data assimilation with the FSU GSM,

    Zhuo Liu, I.M. Navon, 43 pages

  • [abs, ps, pdf] FSU03-08:
  • Limits of translates of plane curves -- on a paper of Aldo Ghizzetti,

    P. Aluffi, C. Faber, 66 pages

  • [abs, ps, pdf] FSU03-07:
  • The Aggregation of Local Risk Models for Global Risk Management,

    Greg Anderson, Lisa R. Goldberg, Alec N. Kercheval, Guy Miller, Kathy Sorge, 20 pages

  • [abs, pdf, ref] FSU03-06:
  • The Calcium Dynamics of Isolated Mouse Beta-Cells and Islets: Implications for Mathematical Models,

    M. Zhang, P.B. Goforth, R. Bertram, A. Sherman, L.S. Satin, 19 pages

  • [abs, pdf, ref] FSU03-05:
  • An analysis of a hybrid optimization method for variational data assimilation,

    Dacian N. Daescu, I.M. Navon, 9 pages

  • [abs, pdf, ref] FSU03-04:
  • Calculation of Uncertainty Propagation Using Adjoint Equations,

    A.K. Alekseev, I.M. Navon, 9 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU03-03:
  • A uniform Fourier restriction theorem for surfaces in R3,

    Daniel M. Oberlin, 4 pages

  • [abs, ps, pdf, ref], FSU03-02:
  • General solution of the Jeans equations for triaxial galaxies with separable potentials,

    Glenn van de Ven, Chris Hunter, Ellen Verolme, Tim de Zeeuw, 28 pages

  • [abs, ps], FSU03-01:
  • Length one ideal extensions and their associated graded rings,

    Sam Huckaba, 8 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref], FSU02-46:
  • Disk-crossing Orbits,

    Chris Hunter, 17 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref], FSU02-45:
  • Jeans solutions for triaxial galaxies,

    Glenn van de Ven, Chris Hunter, Ellen Verolme, Tim de Zeeuw, 8 pages

  • [abs, ps] FSU02-44:
  • Full-tensor alignment criteria for sheared nematic polymers,

    M.G. Forest, R. Zhou, Qi Wang, 35 pages

  • [abs, ps] FSU02-43:
  • A hydrodynamic theory for solutions of nonhomogeneous nematic liquid crystalline polymers with density variations,

    M.G. Forest, Qi Wang, R. Zhou, 21 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU02-42:
  • Interpolations with Elasticae in Euclidean Spaces,

    W. Mio, A. Srivastava, and E. Klassen, 23 pages

  • [abs, ps] FSU02-41:
  • On hermitian-holomorphic classes related to uniformization, the dilogarithm and the Liouville action,

    Ettore Aldrovandi, 30 pages

  • [abs, pdf, ref] FSU02-40:
  • Performance of Enriched Methods for Large Scale Unconstrained Optimization as applied to Models of Proteins,

    B. Das, H. Meirovitch, I.M. Navon, 31 pages

  • [abs, ps] FSU02-39:
  • Descent for differential modules and skew fields,

    Mark van Hoeij, Marius van der Put, 42 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU02-38:
  • A convolution property of the Cantor-Lebesgue measure, II,

    Daniel M. Oberlin, 5 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU02-37:
  • Calcium-induced potassium channels of mouse beta-cells are controlled by both store and cytoplasmic calcium: Experimental and theoretical studies,

    P.B. Goforth, R. Bertram, F.A. Khan, M. Zhang, A. Sherman, L.S. Satin, 16 pages

  • [abs, ps] FSU02-36:
  • A restriction theorem for a k-surface in Rn,

    Daniel M. Oberlin, 6 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU02-35:
  • Convolution and restriction estimates for a 3-surface in R5,

    Daniel M. Oberlin, 5 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU02-34:
  • Adjoint formalism and the configuration retrieval of an evolutionary system represented by Burgers' Equations,

    P.S.D. Silva, I.M. Navon, L. Landau, 14 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU02-33:
  • On adjoint variables for discontinuous flow,

    A.K. Alekseev, I.M. Navon, 20 pages

  • [abs, ps] FSU02-32:
  • Elliptic Diffusions, Exit Times, and the Quasihyperbolic Metric,

    C. A. Nolder, 8 pages

  • [abs, pdf, ref] FSU02-31:
  • Truncated-Newton Training Algorithm for Neurocomputational Viscoplastic Model,

    M.S. Al-Haik, H. Garmestani, I. Michael Navon,

    27 pages

  • [abs, pdf1, pdf2, ref] FSU02-30:
  • The GEOS Retrospective Data Assimilation System: The 6-hour lag case,

    Yanqiu Zhu, Ricardo Todling, Jing Guoy, Stephen E. Cohn, I. Michael Navon, Yan Yang

    54 pages

  • [abs, pdf, ref] FSU02-29:
  • Comparison of advanced large-scale minimization algorithms on solution of inverse problems,

    A.K. Alekseev, I.M. Navon, 15 pages

  • [abs, pdf, ref] FSU02-28:
  • Adaptive observations in the context of 4D-Var data assimilation,

    Dacian N. Daescu, I.M. Navon, 22 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU02-27:
  • Modeling credit risk: currency dependence in global credit markets

    Alec N. Kercheval, Lisa R. Goldberg, Ludovic Breger, 51 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU02-26:
  • t-Statistics for Weighted Means with Application to Risk Factor Models

    Lisa R. Goldberg, Alec N. Kercheval, 8 pages

  • [abs, ps] FSU02-25:
  • The weak shear phase diagram for nematic polymers,

    M.G. Forest, Qi Wang, R. Zhou, 29 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU02-24:
  • An improved hydrogen bond potential: Impact on medium resolution protein structures,

    F. Fabiola, R. Bertram, A. Korostelev, M. S. Chapman, 9 pages

  • [abs, pdf, ref] FSU02-23:
  • Simulated-annealing real-space refinement as a tool in model building,

    A. Korostelev, R. Bertram, M. S. Chapman, 7 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU02-22:
  • Role for G Protein G_beta_gamma Isoform Specificity in Synaptic Signal Processing: A Computational Study,

    Richard Bertram, Michelle I. Arnot, Gerald W. Zamponi, 12 pages

  • [abs, ps, pdf, ref] FSU02-21:
  • Computing characteristic classes of projective schemes,

    Paolo Aluffi, 15 pages

  • [abs, ps, pdf, ref] FSU02-20:
  • Lensing Properties of Cored Galaxy Models,

    N.W. Evans, C. Hunter, 42 pages

  • [abs, ps] FSU02-19:
  • Some finiteness conditions on the set of overrings of an integral domain,

    R. Gilmer, 10 pages

  • [abs, ps] FSU02-18:
  • Lehmer's Problem, McKay's Correspondence, and 2,3,7,

    E. Hironaka, 16 pages

  • [abs, ps] FSU02-17:
  • Chord diagrams and Coxeter links,

    E. Hironaka, 16 pages

  • [abs, pdf, ref] FSU02-16:
  • Optimal control of flow with discontinuities,

    Chris Homescu, I.M. Navon, 92 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU02-15:
  • Weighted Poincare' Inequalities for Solutions to A-Harmonic Equations,

    S. Ding, C. A. Nolder, 8 pages

  • [abs, ps (without pictures), pdf (with pictures)] FSU02-14:
  • Computation of the Teichmüller distance between elliptic curves

    Eric Klassen, Craig Nolder, Mika Seppälä, Tyler Sutton, 8 pages

  • [abs, ps, pdf, ref] FSU02-13:
  • Inclusion-exclusion and Segre classes, II,

    Paolo Aluffi, 12 pages

  • [abs, ps] FSU02-12:
  • Thermal Expansion Models of Viscous Fluids Based on Limits of Free Energy,

    S.E. Bechtel, M.G. Forest, F.J. Rooney, Qi Wang, 30 pages

  • [abs, ps, pdf, ref] FSU02-11:
  • Inclusion-exclusion and Segre classes,

    Paolo Aluffi, 9 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU02-10:
  • Two estimates for curves in the plane,

    Daniel M. Oberlin, 7 pages

  • [abs, pdf, ref] FSU02-09:
  • Improved Skill for the Anomaly Correlation of Geopotential Height at 500 hPa,

    T.N. Krishnamurti, K. Rajendran, T.S.V. Vijaya Kumar, Stephen Lord, Zoltan Toth, Xiaolei Zou, I.M. Navon, and Jon Ahlquist, 54 pages

  • [abs, ps] FSU02-08:
  • Symmetries of the Doi kinetic theory for nematic polymers of arbitrary aspect ratio: at rest and in linear flows,

    M. Gregory Forest, Ruhai Zhou, Qi Wang, 24 pages

  • [abs, ps, pdf] FSU02-07:
  • Kinetic theories for flows of nonhomogeneous rodlike liquid crystalline polymers with a nonlocal intermolecular potential,

    Qi Wang, Weinan E, Chun Liu, Pingwen Zhang, 15 pages

  • [abs, ps, pdf] FSU02-06:
  • Monodomain response of finite-aspect-ratio macromolecules in shear and related linear flows,

    M. Gregory Forest, Q. Wang, 51 pages

  • [abs, ps, pdf] FSU02-05:
  • A hydrodynamic theory for solutions of nonhomogeneous nematic liquid crystalline polymers of different configurations,

    Qi Wang, 34 pages

  • [abs, ps, pdf, ref] FSU02-04:
  • Shadows of blow-up algebras,

    Paolo Aluffi, 28 pages

  • [abs, ps] FSU02-03:
  • A Modular GCD algorithm over Number Fields presented with Multiple Extensions,

    Mark van Hoeij, Michael Monagan, 23 pages

  • [abs, ps, pdf, ref] FSU02-02:
  • Spectral Analysis of Orbits via Discrete Fourier Transforms,

    C. Hunter, 18 pages

  • [abs, ps, pdf, ref] FSU02-01:
  • Instabilities and modes of collisionless stellar disks,

    C. Hunter, 8 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU01-22:
  • Homological algebra of multivalued action functionals,

    Ettore Aldrovandi, 8 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU01-21:
  • Numerical and theoretical considerations for sensitivity calculation of discontinuous flow,

    Chris Homescu, I.M. Navon, 10 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU01-20:
  • Seifert unions and spaces of graphs in S3,

    J. C. Gomez-Larranaga, W. Heil, 6 pages

  • [abs, ps] FSU01-19:
  • Seifert-Takens-Singhof fillings of 3-manifolds,

    J. C. Gomez-Larranaga, W. Heil, 11 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU01-18:
  • A note on Fourier restriction for curves in R3,

    J.-G. Bak, D. Oberlin, 4 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU01-17:
  • Two endpoint bounds for generalized Radon transforms in the plane,

    J.-G. Bak, D. Oberlin, A. Seeger, 11 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU01-16:
  • Affine dimension: measuring the vestiges of curvature,

    D. Oberlin, 12 pages

  • [abs, ps, pdf, ref] FSU01-15:
  • Interpolation of characteristic classes of singular hypersurfaces,

    P. Aluffi, J.-P. Brasselet, 10 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU01-14:
  • Cortical Surface Flattening: A Quasi-Conformal Approach Using Circle Packings,

    M. K. Hurdal, K. Stephenson, P. L. Bowers, D. W. L. Summers, D. A. Rottenberg, 31 pages

  • [abs, pdf, ref] FSU01-13:
  • Series solutions for polytropes and the isothermal sphere,

    C. Hunter, 9 pages

  • [abs, pdf, ref] FSU01-12:
  • A perfectly matched layer approach to the linearized shallow water equations models,

    I. M. Navon, B. Neta, M. Y. Hussaini, 34 pages

  • [abs, pdf, ref] FSU01-11:
  • Triangulations and homology of Riemann Surfaces,

    Peter Buser, Mika Seppälä, 7 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU01-10:
  • Some convolution inequalities and their applications,

    D. Oberlin, 16 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU01-09:
  • The Hp-Norm of a Quasiconformal Mapping,

    Craig Nolder, 5 pages

  • [abs, pdf, ref] FSU01-08:
  • Analysis of the singular vectors of the full-physics FSU Global Spectral Model,

    Zhijin Li, I.M. Navon, M. Y. Hussaini, 44 pages

  • [abs, ps] FSU01-07:
  • Moduli spaces of surfaces and real structures,

    F. Catanese, 14 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU01-06:
  • Singhof Fillings of Closed 3-Manifolds,

    J. C. Gomez-Larranaga, W. Heil, 11 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU01-05:
  • Geometric Filtering for Subspace Tracking,

    A. Srivastava, E. Klassen, 18 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU01-04:
  • Prime-Producing Cubic Polynomials,

    J. Mott, K. Rose, 27 pages

  • [abs, ps, pdf, ref] FSU01-03:
  • Second Order Information in Data Assimilation,

    Francois X. Le Dimet, I.M. Navon, Dacian N. Daescu, 57 pages

  • [abs, ps, pdf, ref] FSU01-02:
  • Suppression of Vortex Shedding for Flow Around a Circular Cylinder Using Optimal Control,

    Chris Homescu, I.M. Navon, Zhijin Li, 34 pages

  • [abs, ps, pdf, ref] FSU01-01:
  • On Estimation of Temperature Uncertainty Using the Second Order Adjoint Problem,

    A.K. Alekseev, I. M. Navon, 10 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU00-19:
  • Generating Functional in CFT on Riemann Surfaces II: Homological Aspects,

    E. Aldrovandi, L. Takhtajan, 52 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU00-18:
  • Theory of Lensing Invariants I: The Power-Law Models,

    C. Hunter, N.W. Evans, 36 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU00-17:
  • Two discrete fractional integrals,

    D. Oberlin, 5 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU00-16:
  • Constructing stellar dynamic models for elliptical galaxies,

    C. Hunter, 11 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU00-15:
  • Triaxial Galaxy Models With Separable Potentials,

    B. Terzic, C. Hunter, T. de Zeeuw, 7 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU00-14:
  • Seifert unions of solid tori,

    J. C. Gomez-Larranaga, W. Heil, 18 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU00-13:
  • Factoring polynomials and the knapsack problem,

    Mark van Hoeij, 14 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU00-12:
  • Use of differentiable and nondifferentiable optimization algorithms for variational data assimilation with discontinuous cost functions,

    S. Zhang, X. Zou, J. Ahlquist, I. M. Navon, J. G. Sela, 40 pages

  • [abs, ps, figures, ref] FSU00-11:
  • Optimal Control of Cylinder Wakes via Suction and Blowing,

    Zhijin Li, I. M. Navon, M. Y. Hussaini, F.-X. Le Dimet, 33 pages

  • [abs, ps] FSU00-10:
  • Myrberg's numerical uniformization of hyperelliptic curves,

    Mika Seppälä, 16 pages

  • [abs, pdf] FSU00-09:
  • Homological systoles, homology bases, and partition of Riemann surfaces,

    Peter Buser, Mika Seppälä, 8 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU00-08:
  • Moduli spaces of real algebraic curves,

    Mika Seppälä, 25 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU00-07:
  • Splitting manifold approximate fibrations,

    J. L. Bryant, P. Kirby, 9 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU00-06:
  • Commutative Rings of Dimension 0,

    R. Gilmer, 24 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU00-05:
  • Fourier Restriction for Affine Arclength Measures in the Plane,

    D. Oberlin, 3 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU00-03:
  • The analysis of an ill-posed problem using multiscale resolution and second order adjoint techniques,

    A.K. Alekseev, I. M. Navon, 27 pages

  • [abs, ps] FSU00-02:
  • The minimum polynomial of an algebraic solution of Abel's problem,

    Mark van Hoeij, 11 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU00-01:
  • Mesh refinement strategies for solving singularly perturbed reaction-diffusion problems,

    W. Castaings, I. M. Navon, 16 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU99-18:
  • Convolution with measures on hypersurfaces

    D. Oberlin, 13 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU99-17:
  • Stiefel-Whitney surfaces and the tri-genus of non-orientable 3-manifolds

    W. Heil, V. Nunez, J. C. Gomez-Larranaga, 23 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU99-16:
  • Finite generation of powers of ideals

    R. Gilmer, W. Heinzer, M. Roitman, 10 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU99-15:
  • On the IV-equivalence of subsets E and f(E) of Z,

    R. Gilmer, W. W. Smith, 16 pages

  • [abs, ps, pdf, ref] FSU99-14:
  • Linear orbits of arbitrary plane curves,

    P. Aluffi, C. Faber, 33 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU99-13:
  • L^s(\mu)-Averaging Domains,

    S. Ding, Craig Nolder, 18 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU99-12:
  • Hardy-Littlewood Theorems for A-Harmonic Tensors,

    Craig Nolder, 17 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU99-11:
  • Global Integrability Theorems for A-Harmonic Tensors,

    Craig Nolder, 15 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU99-10:
  • An L^p Definition of Interpolating Blaschke Products,

    Craig Nolder, 9 pages

  • [abs, ps, pdf, ref] FSU99-09:
  • Gauge theoretic invariants of Dehn surgeries on knots,

    H. U. Boden, C. M. Herald, P. A. Kirk, E. P. Klassen, 63 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU99-08:
  • Global uniformly convergent finite element methods for singularly perturbed elliptic boundary value problems:higher-order elements,

    Jichun Li, I. M. Navon, 20 pages

  • [abs, ps, pdf, ref] FSU99-07:
  • Plane curves with small linear orbits II,

    P. Aluffi, C. Faber 16 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU99-06:
  • Optimality of 4D-Var and its relationship with the Kalman filter and Kalman smoother,

    Zhijin Li, I. M. Navon, 42 pages

  • [abs, ps] FSU99-05:
  • Quasi-conformally flat mapping the human cerebellum,

    M. K. Hurdal, P. L. Bowers, K. Stephenson, D. W. L. Summers, K. Rehm, K. Shaper, D. A. Rottenberg, 8 pages

  • [abs, ps, pdf, ref] FSU99-04:
  • Differential forms with logarithmic poles and Chern-Schwartz-MacPherson classes of singular varieties,

    P. Aluffi, 6 pages

  • [abs, ps] FSU99-03:
  • The Big Mother of All the Dualities: Moeller Algorithm,

    M.E. Alonso, T. Mora, 17 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU99-02:
  • On associated graded rings of normal ideals,

    S. Huckaba, T. Marley, 15 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU99-01:
  • Plumbing Graphs for Normal Surface-Curve Pairs,

    E. Hironaka, 18 pages

  • [abs, ps] FSU98-26:
  • Documentation of the Multitasked Tangent Linear and Adjoint Models of the Adiabatic Version of the NASA GEOS-2 GCM (Version 6.5),

    Yan Yang, I. M. Navon, Ricardo Todling, 40 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU98-25:
  • Performance of 4D-Var strategies using the FSU Global Spectral Model with its full physics adjoint,

    Zhijin Li, I. M. Navon, 51 pages

  • [abs, ps, pdf, ref] FSU98-24:
  • Weighted Chern-Mather classes and Milnor classes of hypersurfaces,

    P. Aluffi, 15 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU98-23:
  • Performance of efficient Minimization algorithms as Applied to Models of Peptides and Proteins,

    C. Baysal, H. Meirovitch, I. M. Navon, 23 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU98-22:
  • The Arithmetic and Geometry of Salem numbers,

    Eknath Ghate, E. Hironaka, 24 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU98-21:
  • The Lehmer Polynomial and Pretzel Knots,

    E. Hironaka, 13 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU98-20:
  • Irregular Period Tripling bifurcations in axisymmetric scalefree potentials,

    B. Terzic, 8 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU98-19:
  • Bifurcations of periodic orbits in axisymmetric scalefree potentials,

    C. Hunter, B. Terzic, A. Burns, D. Porchia, C. Zink, 31 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU98-18:
  • Real structures of Teichmüller spaces, Dehn twists, and moduli spaces of real curves,

    P. Buser, Mika Seppälä, 10 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU98-17:
  • Study of Block Onset Using Sensitivity Perturbations in Climatological Flows,

    Zhijin Li , Albert Barcilon, I. M. Navon, 43 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU98-16:
  • Normal Ideals in Regular Rings,

    Sam Huckaba, Craig Huneke, 18 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU98-15:
  • Impact of parameter estimation on the performance of the FSU Global Spectral Model using its full physics adjoint,

    Zhu Yanqiu, I. M. Navon, 58 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU98-14:
  • Sensitivity to large-scale environmental fields of the relaxed Arakawa-Schubert parameterization in the NASA GEOS-1 GCM,

    Yan Yang, I. M. Navon, Ricardo Todling, Weiyu Yang, 37 pages

  • [abs, ps, ref] FSU98-13:
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  • FSU-GSM Forecast Error Sensitivity to Initial Conditions: Application to Indian Summer Monsoon,

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  • Plane curves with small linear orbits I,

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  • Fast algorithms for generating Delauney interpolation elements for domain decomposition,

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  • Finite Singularities and Hypergeometric Solutions of Linear Recurrence Equations,

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  • Convolution with measures on polynomial curves,

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  • An estimate for a restricted x-ray transform,

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  • A Bessel function multiplier,

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  • On the Strategic Stability of Mutual Monitoring: Implications for Cooperative Wildlife Management Programs in Africa,

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  • Jacobian of the Picard curve,

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  • A test for admissibility for two-dimensional, continuous fields on planar surfaces,

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  • Whose responsibility? (Preparation for College teaching),

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  • The Grothendieck group of a Hopf algebra,

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  • Fixed points in boundaries of negatively curved groups,

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  • Boundaries of nonpositively curved groups of the form GxZ^n,

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  • Residue fields of zero-dimensional rings,

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  • Zero-dimensionality and products of commutative rings,

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  • Zero-Dimensional extension rings and subrings,

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  • Submodules of the deficiency modules and an extension of Dubreil's theorem,

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  • A d-dimensional extension of a lemma of Huneke's and formulas for the Hilbert coefficients,

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  • Reduction numbers, Rees algebras, and Pfaffian ideals,

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  • Singular schemes of hypersurfaces,

    P. Aluffi, 24 pages

  • [abs, ps, pdf, ref] FSU94-01:
  • A blow-up construction and graph coloring,

    P. Aluffi, 22 pages

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