Ph.D. in Financial Mathematics

A PhD in Financial Mathematics culminates in a dissertation of original research written under the direction of a major professor or co-directors and defended in an oral examination.

PhD students are not admitted to any particular professor's research group in advance, but rather arrive in the program under the initial guidance of the Director. Students spend their first year in coursework getting to know the faculty, and then find a major professor during the second year. The major professor then takes over as primary academic advisor.

Before submitting a dissertation, a student first advances to Candidacy for the PhD, as described below. For full time students this normally takes five or six semesters. See also the Graduate Program page Timely Progress for FSU Funded Students.

In addition, starting in the third year, PhD students are expected to attend MAP6939r Research Seminar in Financial Mathematics each semester.

Advancement to PhD Candidacy

Advancement to PhD Candidacy requires the following steps:

When the supervisory committee determines that the student has passed the PhD candidacy exam, the student is formally advanced to candidacy and begins working on the dissertation.

Last Revised 7/12/2017