Quant Symposium

The annual Financial Mathematics Quant Symposium ( formerly called the Financial Math Festival) is our major event of the year, when practitioners from the financial industry are invited to speak and meet with students and faculty. The event includes presentations by our visitors and a Q/A panel on employment, with a reception on Friday evening.

# Speakers
25th Polala, Fan, Pirjol
24th Li, Cheng, Cheng
23rd Zou, Cheng, Li
22nd Costanzino, Homescu, Pennington
21th Pirjol, Firouzi, Zhu, Mandel, Fan, Yeastman
20th Webb, Shah, Lewkow, Islim
19th Carr, Geng, Xu
18th Chenyao, Beaumont
17th Papathanakos, Gao, Islim
16th Aldridge, Bayazit, Namihira
15th Goldberg, Perfect, Zhu
14th Culham, Simeonov, Colak
13th Schellhorn, Goncharov, Dash
12th Anderson, Lee, Yu
11th Hu, Chen, Webb
10th Waggoner, Qian, Lembo
9th Abele, Montin, Zhang, Martin
8th Fernholz, Brandt, Tabb
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