Math and Industry Symposium
Stay Tuned!

Our Financial Mathematics Quant Symposium is getting an upgrade! Beginning in 2025 the Quant Symposium will be expanded to become the FSU Math and Industry Symposium. We will invite alumni and other mathematical practitioners from industry, including but not limited to the financial industry, to visit and discuss their work in this Department-wide event. Details to come.

Recent Prior Events Speakers
25th Polala, Fan, Pirjol
24th Li, Cheng, Cheng
23rd Zou, Cheng, Li
22nd Costanzino, Homescu, Pennington
21th Pirjol, Firouzi, Zhu, Mandel, Fan, Yeatman
20th Webb, Shah, Lewkow, Islim
19th Carr, Geng, Xu
18th Chenyao, Beaumont
17th Papathanakos, Gao, Islim
16th Aldridge, Bayazit, Namihira
15th Goldberg, Perfect, Zhu
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