Financial Mathematics Seminars

Oct 3
Lingjiong Zhu (FSU Mathematics)
Technology Adoption: Optimal Timing, Pricing, and Employee Incentives
Financial MathematicsTime: 3:35pm
Location: 201
With the rapid development of new technologies, firms and technology suppliers must understand the timing, pricing, and incentive issues regarding technology adoption. We formulate a general optimal s... More
Sep 26
Yiran Chen (FSU Mathematics)
Goodness-of-fit testing of copulas using quasi-Monte Carlo methods
Financial MathematicsTime: 3:35
Location: 201
Simulations of copulas can be done by Monte Carlo methods or quasi-Monte Carlo methods. Goodness-of-it test can be used to find the best simulation algorithms for copulas. In this talk, I will introdu... More
Sep 19
Jamie Fox and Arun Polala (FSU Mathematics)
Internships at Wells Fargo: A tale of two cities
Financial MathematicsTime: 3:35
Location: 201
Arun and Jamie are giving two talks with the same title presenting their internship experience over last summer.


Arun Polala:

1. TensorFlow is a deep ... More
Sep 5

Organizational meeting
Financial mathematicsTime: 3:35pm
Location: 201