Applying for Admission to the Graduate Program

There are four graduate areas in Mathematics (Pure, Applied/Computational, Financial, and Bio), and you apply to ONE of these areas. See General Information and Guidelines for information about the areas.

Elements of a Complete Application

  1. Official GRE general test scores.
  2. Official transcripts from each college and/or university you have attended.
  3. Three letters of recommendation. On the application form, you will enter the names and email addresses of at least three people who have agreed to write a letter of recommendation for you.
  4. A completed online Mathematics department application form (click the Start button at the bottom of this page to begin), and
  5. A completed online University application form (go to
  6. If your native language is not English: there are additional requirements, such as the TOEFL. Go to for further information.

Fall Admission Deadlines

December 15th: Students with complete applications by this date will be considered for the University's Graduate School fellowships and the Mathematics Department's TA/RA/Tuition waiver awards.

April 30th: Deadline for academic admission to the Mathematics Department. Students with complete applications by this date may also be considered for any possible remaining funding.

For additional information, see Graduate Application Requirements and Additional Information.

The online Mathematics graduate application form starts on the following pages.

Note: The form cannot be saved, so you'll need to collect all the needed information in advance.


  1. Prepare a personal statement in advance that you can paste into the application as a text file. Here are the instructions for this statement:
    Write a personal statement of less than 300 words about your mathematical interests, career goals, and reasons for applying to Florida State University. Discuss any research experiences or academic honors. Provide documentation of significant awards when possible by email to
  2. Collect the following information:
    • Your test scores: GRE, and TOEFL if needed. (You may still submit this application prior to obtaining GRE scores -- email scores before the application deadline to
    • Your courses, grades, and GPA at each college or university attended
    • A list of any employment since graduation from high school
    • A list of any publications
    • The names and email addresses of at least three people who have agreed to write a letter of recommendation for you.
Personal Information
Degree and Area of Specialization More Info More Info
Most students start the graduate program in Fall. Note that many first year course sequences begin in the Fall semester: if you think you have the academic background that will allow you to start taking Spring courses, contact the area director and/or the Associate Chair for Graduate Studies, before you submit the university application.
Standardized Test Scores

All students are required to take the GRE General test. If your native language is not English and you have not received a degree from an institution in an English speaking country, you need to take TOEFL (other alternatives are MELAB, IELTS). The minimum required scores are:

GRE                                               TOEFL                  IELTS     MELAB
Quantitative: 155 (700 in the old GRE scale)      Internet Based: 80     6.5       77
Verbal: 140 (320 in the old GRE scale)            Paper Based: 550

The official test scores must be sent directly to FSU Admissions from Educational Testing Service (ETS). FSU's institutional code is 5219. To expedite your application with the Mathematics Department, submit unofficial documentation for your GRE, TOEFL scores and your transcripts, by email to

Quant: Verbal:
Previous Degrees

List all undergraduate and graduate institutions attended. For example, if you graduated from Peking University with a degree of BS in applied mathematics and a GPA of 3.5 out of 4.0, and your dates of attendance were from September 2008 until June 2012, then enter this information in the following table as:

Name: Peking Univ, China
Major: Applied Math
Degree: BS 
GPA: 3.5/4.0
Dates: 09/2008-06/2011

If you attended an institution but did not receive a degree, then put "N/A" (for degree).


Letters of Recommendation

Three letters are required, a fourth letter is optional. The letters of recommendation must be sent from the letter writer's official (workplace) email address. At the time this application is submitted an automated email will be sent to the email addresses of the recommenders entered below. The email will contain instructions on how to submit their letter of recommendation to our department.

When completing the FSU university application form (that will be the NEXT form you see, after finishing this online department application), please note that you should not provide any recommendation letter information on the university application form. You should only provide recommendation letter information on this page. Otherwise, your recommenders may receive unnecessary additional requests to submit recommendation letters for you.

Personal Statement
Please use the "< Back" button to check your online department application form for errors. Processing of your application will begin immediately upon submission. Any requests for changes to your submission will cause processing delays. Thank you!

Thank you

Your application for the Mathematics Graduate Program has been sent. You should receive a confirmation email to the one you provided on your application.