Research Facilities

The Florida State University Libraries include eight libraries on campus, one of which is the Dirac Science Library that contains most mathematics and science books and journals. The Libraries' collections contain more than 3 million volumes, with more than 549,000 available as e-books. The Libraries subscribe to more than 78,000 periodicals and serials and more than 600 databases, many of which are available for searching via the Internet. Materials not available at the libraries may be requested through Interlibrary Loan.

The Florida State University Mathematics Department has a high bandwidth connection to the FSU campus backbone, which in turn has several high speed connections to the Internet. We support all connection protocols popular within the research community. The department compute pool consists of a heterogeneous mixture of UNIX computers, and our department graduate computer labs offer scientific workstations for student use.

Compute resources within the department exist in several forms. Small jobs are often run on graduate workstations. Such jobs can run on single machines, or several via parallel resources such as MPI. Larger compute jobs can run on the department compute clusters. The department compute clusters offer both standard Opteron compute cores and NVIDIA GPUs, and use Infiniband high speed interconnects between nodes.

In addition to our internal department resources, there is also a centralized campus cluster resource available to eligible students. FSU High Performance Computing provides access to several forms of large-scale computing environments. In 2002 FSU gained the distinct honor of having the largest university-owned computer facility worldwide and 34th largest among all facilities.

Commercial scientific software resources include Mathematica, MATLAB, Maple, IMSL, and IDL. Several of these packages can be used on all desktop architectures currently supported within our department. A wide variety of open source software utilities and packages are also available for use by students and faculty. Full support for all popular programming environments is available on all platforms.