Welcome to FSU Mathematics

Our mission is to preserve, expand, and disseminate mathematical knowledge. We are committed to excellence in teaching and mentoring at the graduate and the undergraduate level, and to excellence in research in the mathematical sciences.

FSU is one of the only two pre-eminent universities in the State of Florida. The Mathematics Department has 36 research faculty members whose research covers a broad spectrum of mathematics and its applications. Research areas covered include Algebraic Geometry and Number Theory, Complex Analysis, Harmonic Analysis, Low-dimensional and Geometric Topology, Mathematical Physics, Applied Analysis, Computational Mathematics, Mathematical Modeling, Optimization, Control, Sensitivity Analysis, Aeroacoustics, Partial Differential Equations, Mathematical Fluid and Geophysical Fluid Dynamics, Stochastic Analysis, Mathematical Theory for Groundwater Research, Biological Population Modeling, Mathematical Biophysics, Mathematical Modeling in Neuroscience, Network and Geometric Data Analysis, Computational Finance, Computational Stochastics and Monte-Carlo Methods, Financial Mathematics and Mathematical Economics, among others. About two-thirds of our faculty enjoy extramural grant support for their research projects (a list of externally funded research projects can be found on our Research page). You may also wish to browse our departmental E-print series for the latest from our distinguished faculty.

Our world-class faculty enables us to have one of the best graduate programs in Mathematical Sciences in the Southeast. We can provide a wide variety of opportunities for our graduate students with four doctoral tracks (Pure Mathematics, Applied and Computational Mathematics, Biomathematics, and Financial Mathematics), and a Professional Science Master's Degree program in Financial Mathematics.

Although we have a relatively large graduate program (currently about 150 graduate students enrolled), students receive individualized advice on how to excel in our program and beyond. Our alumni find success in all kinds of careers in both academia or industry. Distinguished alumni include a member of the National Academy of Engineering, full professors at top universities around the world, a Presidential Early Career Award recipient, senior scientists at major National Laboratories, and top executives at various companies. Information on the placement of recent graduates can be found on the individual area web page.

We are also proud of the unusually wide range of academic choices that we provide to our undergraduate students, with five bachelor's degree options (pure mathematics, applied and computational mathematics, biomathematics, actuarial sciences, and FSU-teach). Given this broad range of choices, most mathematically-oriented students can find an appropriate undergraduate program whether they are interested in a job-oriented track, a mathematically oriented liberal arts education, or graduate school. Besides, students can pursue a plethora of other activities that include research opportunities in the form of Undergraduate Research Opportunities, Honors in the Major theses, and various kinds of mathematically oriented club activities. More information about our undergraduate program can be found on the Undergraduate page. The Department also contributes to the University's general educational mission by teaching a large number of service courses, including Liberal Studies, with the help of our award-winning Specialized Faculty.

With the support of the Friends of the Mathematics Department and the Community, the Department is also happy to host several annual outreach activities such as the Math Fun Day and the FSU High School Math Contest. More information about these events can be found on the Community page.

I encourage you to continue browsing our web pages to learn more about the Mathematics Department at FSU. Please do not hesitate to let me know (chair@math.fsu.edu) if you have any questions or comments.