Topical Acrostic Sonnet
(August, 2022)
 Hefty Sum Of Cash

 Humongous wealth lets Bezos have his way
 Except in Rotterdam, where going Dutch
 Fragments the heft of anyone who'd pay
 The bill in full. If you can spare that much,
 You shouldn't flaunt it, lower than the sea,
 Since being only average—good enough—
 Unites the Dutch. Here no man's thought to be
 More suited by his wealth to strut his stuff
 Or build a lavish triple-masted yacht
 Far higher than the Hef's iconic span
 Can fit above, then hustle—since he's got
 A Hefty sum of cash—to let this man
 Sail past a part-dismantled Hef ... Now Jeff
 Has learned his grade for civics—it's an F!

 (First published in Light on 8th August, 2022 as
  one of the Poems of the Week. Story here)
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