Topical Acrostic Sonnet
(January, 2022)
 Australian Open

 Australia was open to the champ
 Until it wasn't. "Rules are rules," he'd learn.
 Served no exemption for a visa stamp
 To enter, he hit back a sharp return,
 Restoring deuce not on, but in, the court:
 A judge decreed that Djokovic must be
 Let in at once—despite no vax—for sport ...
 If only that were that! With this decree,
 Advantage went to government, who would
 Negate the ruling, after quite a lot
 Of dallying: The champ no longer could
 Parade the only shots his arms had got—
 Emphatic aces, backhands, volley jobs,
 Net-clearing drop shots, overheads, and lobs!

 (First published in Light on January 17, 2022 as
  one of the Poems of the Week. Story here)
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