Acrostic Sonnet for the Month
 A Hard-To-Swat Fly

 A Frenchman was about to eat his food.
 He loathed to share his dinner with a fly,
 And since one pesky fly had dared intrude,
 Resolved at once this fly would have to die!
 Dispensing electricity in sparks
 That fizzled from a swatter he now held,
 Our Frenchman chased the fly, but left no marks,
 Since flies are so adroitly self-propelled ...
 What happened next brought kudos to the fly:
 An undetected gas leak filled the room
 To spark a blast that blew the roof sky-high.
 For miles around the neighbors heard it boom ...
 Luck blessed the man. Just minor burns had he.
 You know the rest: The fly escaped scot-free!

 (First published in Light on September 14 as one of the
 Poems of the Week. Story here.)
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