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Rosters, Eligibility Files, Aleks Scores, Canvas Tips

Rosters, Eligibility Files, Aleks Scores, and Canvas Tips

Topics Covered:

  1. Text Rosters
  2. Aleks Scores
  3. Eligibility Files
  4. Canvas Tips

Text rosters, eligibility files and Aleks scores are updated before classes start and during drop/add during the first week of classes. Typically they are updated a few days before the semester starts, the day before classes, and on the first, second and fourth day of classes. They are also updated again after drop/add ends and after the seventh week of classes. You can also request additional updates.

The text rosters, eligibiltiy files and Aleks scores can be found in subdirectories under https://www.math.fsu.edu/~mhurdal/rosters/. Details on these files are provided below.

These files are mildly password protected: email Dr. Hurdal if you forget

Here are the key points for the first week of classes and eligibility checking.

For any advising or eligibility issues, use and distribute the generic advisor email so all advisors are included: advisor@math.fsu.edu

  1. Text Rosters
  2. A text roster is a text file that lists all students enrolled in a class, and is of the form maa4402.0001, where the last 4 digits are the section number.

    Text rosters are great for importing rosters into a spreadsheet. There are programs "roster" and "mailroster" on hilbert which will create a file or email you a text-based roster for the class you specify. Or you can use the weblinks:
    These files are mildly password protected: email Dr. Hurdal if you forget

    The subdirectory textwithsection adds the class and section number which is handy for large lectures for Calculus 1 and below.
    These files are mildly password protected: email Dr. Hurdal if you forget

    Student Central also has live up to date rosters and photo rosters:

    • my.fsu.edu -> Teaching -> My Courses or Faculty Center
    • OR
    • my.fsu.edu -> SC -> Faculty/Instructional Staff tile button in the upper right. You may have to use the change term button to change terms.

  3. Eligibility Files
  4. Eligibility files are important for checking if students are eligible for your class. They are located in the subdirectory elig.
    These files are mildly password protected: email Dr. Hurdal if you forget

    Ineligible students to be dropped from a course, or instructor questions regarding specific student eligibility, should be added to these shared spreadsheets for the Math advisors to process:

    Example 1

    Most of the eligible files are like these top 3 lines from mac2313.0001

     # Eligibility Checks for mac2313-0001
     200412345 cal2-ok-passed no-higher-credit Arks Karen Maria kma17
     200367890 cal2-??-check! no-higher-credit Asich Burt Andy baa16d

    The line cal2-ok-passed says Karen Arks has credit for Calc2 (with C- or better or perhaps AP credit).
    The no-higher-credit means she is not repeating a course she already passed.

    The line cal2-??-check! says the software did not find that Burt Asich passed Calc2.
    Sometimes this means Burt didn't pass Calc2 he took prior to this semester. But more often, Burt took the course at a college near his home, and the transcript has not arrived at FSU. In the later case, Burt should have put this on the eligibility quiz/information that you collect.

    Example 2

    Here are some lines from ODE (map2302-0002). Line numbers have been added for convenience.

     Line 1  # Eligibility Checks for map2302-0001
     Line 2  200498765 cal2b-ok-passed cal3-??-check! no-higher-credit Anders Martin ma17x
     Line 3  200313579 cal2b-??-check! cal3-ok-passed no-higher-credit Black Mark mb15au
     Line 4  200324680 cal2b-ok-passed cal3-ok-passed no-higher-credit Bowen Rick Terry rtb16c
     Line 5  200112345 cal2b-??-check! cal3-??-check! no-higher-credit Ormon Aaron ao05

    To be eligible to take ODEs requires either a B- or better in calc2 or C- or better in calc3.
    Line 1 is a text description of the class information.
    Line 2 says Anders got a B- or better in calc2
    Line 3 says Black got a C- or better in calc3
    Line 4 says Bowen did both.
    Line 5 says no proof of eligibility was determined so you need check Ormon's eligibility form.

  5. Aleks Scores
  6. Aleks scores are useful for Calculus 1 and below. The subdirectory aleks contains csv files with the Aleks scores for students in a particular section. If a student took the Aleks test more than one time, then all scores Aleks scores are listed.
    These files are mildly password protected: email Dr. Hurdal if you forget

  7. Canvas Tips
  8. Canvas courses are automatically created and they have both rosters and gradebooks. By default, Canvas is not turned on for student viewing. You need to publish your Canvas site.

    By default, Canvas will also display the grade distributions for course assignments and tests. You can turn this off - Instructions for Turning Off Canvas Grade Distributions.

Have a great semester! As always, do not hesitate to reach out with questions.

Last updated August 17, 2022.