Introduction to Computer Animations which Supplement the Research in the Ph.D. Thesis

Model of the Visual Cortex

Mathematical and Computer Modelling
of the Human Brain
With Reference to Cortical Magnification and
Dipole Source Localisation in the Visual Cortex

by Monica Kimberly Hurdal
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This page will lead you computer animations that were produced for research that was carried out for the above Ph.D. thesis. This research was carried out within The School of Mathematical Sciences at Queensland University of Technology.

These computer animations are designed to supplement this Ph.D. thesis. They do not provide any additional information which is not already contained in the thesis. If a person is not able to view these animations they have not missed a critical component of the thesis.

The computer animations are in the QuickTime movie format (*.mov). As a result, a QuickTime movie viewer is required to view these computer animations. If you need a QuickTime movie viewer, here are some links for downloading a viewer. Some animations are also available in the Microsoft Video format, also known as the AVI format (*.avi), which some PC's are able to display without a special viewer.

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