Richard Oberlin


I work in the area of harmonic analysis. My main interests are in generalized Radon transforms (including the Kakeya problem), time-frequency analysis, and related topics. I graduated from the University of Wisconsin in 2007, my advisor was Andreas Seeger.

Preprints and Publications:

1. "Sparse bounds for a prototypical singular Radon transform", Canadian Math. Bulletin, link, preprint
2. (with D. Oberlin) "Dimensions of sums with self-similar sets", Colloquium Mathematicum, link, preprint
3. (with Y. Do, E. Palsson) "Variation-norm and fluctuation estimates for ergodic bilinear averages", Indiana Univ. Math. J., link, preprint
4."Unions of lines in F^n", Mathematika, link, preprint
5. (with D. Oberlin) "Spherical Means and Pinned Distance Sets", Comm. KMS, link, preprint
6. (With D. Oberlin) "Application of a Fourier restriction theorem to certain families of projections in R^3", J. Geom. Anal., link, preprint
7. (With D. Oberlin) "Unit Distance Problems", Amer. J. Math., link, preprint
8. (with Y. Do, E. Palsson) "Variational bounds for a dyadic model of the bilinear Hilbert transform", Illinois J. Math, link, preprint
9. "Estimates for compositions of maximal operators with singular integrals", Canad. Math. Bull., link, preprint
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19. "A recursive bound for a Kakeya-type maximal operator", unpublished (superceded by the article immediately above), preprint
20. (with R. Strichartz, B. Street) "Sampling on the Sierpinski gasket", Experiment. Math., link

My PhD thesis