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Beyond Aug 25, 2018
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Friday August 31, 2018

Mathematics Colloquium [url]
The agency problem with noise mitigation
    - Arash Fahim, FSU
Time: 3:35 pm Room: LOV 101
Abstract/Desc: The agency problem is one of the most influential problems in economics and earned Oliver Hart and Bengt Holmström their Nobel prize. It deals with an agent who is under a contract to provide an output for a principal. In return, the principal must pay her according to their agreement. The agent effort is not observed by the principal; while the principal only observes the output, he cannot tell the agent's action or lack thereof apart from the external noise. We provide an overview of the agency problem and present some of our recent results for the case when the principal can reduce the noise by paying a cost.

Friday September 07, 2018

Colloquium and Brennan Lecture [url]
Biomathematics -- the Past Through Tomorrow
    - Nick Cogan, FSU
Time: 3:35 pm Room: LOV 101
Abstract/Desc: Biomathematics is a sub-discipline of mathematics that has a rich history. Just as all mathematics builds on its history, there are numerous examples in biomathematics that anchor the field and point towards new directions. In this talk I will discuss a handful of examples that are 'classical' in both a pedagogical and scientific sense. These lead to examples that motivate my particular research program -- where I will talk briefly about problems that I and my students are working on currently.

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