F.S.U. Math e-Print Archive

The following papers are (some of) the latest production of members of the mathematics department at Florida State University. The papers will be replaced by or complemented with a journal reference, and a BibTeX entry when available, after they appear in print--provided the authors are kind enough to inform us. Please note that authors are responsible for ensuring that posting their papers on this page does not infringe on the copyright agreements with the publishers of the journals where the papers (eventually) appear. Documents available from this page may be protected under the U.S. and Foreign Copyright Laws; permission to reproduce may be required.

To include a paper on this page, please send a message to `aluffi' with a pointer to the .ps or .pdf file, and with an abstract written in plain text or html. You are also strongly encouraged to send your papers (separately) to the national or international eprint archive of your choice.

Recent papers

The papers are listed in reverse chronological order. Click "abs" to see the abstract of the paper (if provided); click "ps" or "pdf" to view the actual paper, or "ref" (when provided) for the journal reference. Click on the author's name to go to the author's home page. And here is a link to many other eprint sources. Enjoy!

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