Here is a list of my current and former students, with a short blurbs of their research topics or the titles of their dissertations.

Current and former PhD Students

  1. Milind Gunjal.

  2. Michael Niemeier, PhD Summer 2020.

    Dissertation: Central Extensions of Simplicial Groups and Presheaves of Simplicial Groups

  3. Yaineli Valdes, PhD Spring 2018.

    Dissertation: The 1-Type of \(K\)-Theory of Waldhausen categories as a Multifunctor.

  4. Ivan (Gregory) Dungan, PhD Spring 2014.

    Dissertation: n-Butterflies: modeling weak morphisms of strict n-groups.

  5. A. Emin Tatar, PhD Summer 2010.

    Dissertation: On Picard 2-stacks and length 3-complexes of abelian sheaves.

Undergraduate Students (Honors in the Major)

  1. Robed Beauvile, Spring 2017.

    Dissertation: Homotopy Type Theory, Univalent Foundation, and Binary Trees.

  2. Daniel Fuentes-Keuthan, Spring 2016.

    Dissertation: Triangulated structures on stable derivators.

  3. Lawrence Dunn, Spring 2014.

    Dissertation: An overview of Homotopy Type Theory and Univalent Foundations of Mathematics.

  4. Vanessa Radzimski, Spring 2012.

    Dissertation: Tame symbols and reciprocity laws in number theory and geometry.