Florida State University

Department of Mathematics



Leiden University


  • Foundations of Computational Math 1 (F2008 through F2018)
  • Foundations of Computational Math 2 (S2008 through S2018)
  • Optimization (S2015, S2012)
  • Numerical Optimization (F2016)
  • Introduction to Computational Finance (S2017, S2014, S2013)
  • Numerical Linear Algebra (S2018, S2014, F2012, F2011)
  • Numerical Linear Algebra 1 (F2008, F2007, F2006, F2004, F2003, F2002)
  • Numerical Linear Algebra 2 (S2006, S2005, S2004)
  • Numerical Linear Algebra for Signals, Systems, and Control (S2006, S2005)
  • Ordinary Differential Equations/Eng Math (F2009)
  • Applied Computational Science 1 (S2008, S2007)
  • Applied Computational Science 2 (F2007)
  • Computer Organization 1 (S2003, S2002)
  • Foundations of Computational Science 1 (F2001, S2001)
  • Parallel Programming, Algorithms and Architectures (F2000)
  • Introduction to Parallel Programming(F1999)
  • Computer Organization (S1999)
  • Digital Design (S1998)
  • For a complete listing of all previous teaching follow the CV link under publications.