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Fall 2022 Applied and Computational Mathematics Seminar

Time and Place: Tuesdays 3:05-4:20 pm in Room 0231, Love Building

Course: MAP 6939-0001

Scope: The Applied and Computational Math Seminar is series of talks with various topics covering a broad spectrum of not only applied and computational mathematics but also engineering. Researchers outside of the Department of Mathematics and Florida State University, postdocs and senior Ph.D students are also welcomed to share their work. Please contact the organizer if you wish to schedule your talk. For Fall 2022, contact Sanghyun Lee (lee"at"math.fsu.edu)

Fall 2022

Date Speaker Title Affiliation
08/23 - Organization Meeting
08/30 Mark Sussman A dynamic adaptive mesh refinement, Moment-of-Fluid, and space-time spectral element method for improved capturing of vortical structures in a realistic Cryogenic Fuel tank Department of Mathematics, FSU
09/06 Sanghyun Lee Physcis Preserving Finite Element Methods for Coupled Multi-Physics System Department of Matehatmics, FSU
09/13 Julia Ream Adaptive Mesh Refinement Large Eddy Simulation of the Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Round Turbulent Jet (Ph.D Student) Department of Mathematics, FSU
09/20 Ziad Musslimani Spectral renormalization methods in physics Department of Mathematics, FSU
09/27 Anuj Kumar On well-posedness and smoothing of solutions to the generalized SQG equations in critical Sobolev spaces Department of Mathematics, FSU
10/04 Wojciech Ozanski The Navier-Stokes regularity problem as a linear instability problem Department of Mathematics, FSU
10/11 Malbor Asslani Structure and dynamics of non-normal networks Department of Mathematics, FSU
10/18 Christopher Tam Numerical simulation of entropy noise generation in a military aircraft Department of Mathematics, FSU
10/25 Nick Dexter ffective deep neural network architectures for learning high-dimensional Banach-valued functions from limited data

Department of Scientific Computing, FSU

11/01 Anuj Kumar / Zezhong Zhang On well-posedness and smoothing of solutions to the generalized SQG equations in critical Sobolev spaces / Spectral ReLu: A Smooth Generalization of ReLu in Functional Space (PostDoc)/(Ph.D Studnet) Department of Mathematics, FSU
11/08 Yu Cao Determining Form and Algebraic Attractor Bounds for the 2D Rayleigh-Benard Problem Department of Mathematics, FSU
11/15 Unnikrishnan S. Nair

Department of Mechanical Engineering - Applied Comp. Math. Joint Seminar


Department of Mechanical Engineering, FAMU-FSU

11/22 Thanks Giving Break
11/29 Aseel Farhat Analysis of a feedback-control data assimilation algorithm and its applications Department of Mathematics, FSU