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2002-03 Mathematics Colloquium


Place and Time: Room 101 - Love Building, 3:35-4:30 pm.

Refreshments will be served at 3:00 pm in room 204 Love.

(For an abstract and more details, click on the name of the speaker.)

Spring 2003

Date Speaker Affiliation
01/6/03 Stephen Paris Watson Wyatt Worldwide
01/8/03 Xiaodong Yan Courant Institute, NYU
01/10/03 Paul Hagelstein Princeton University
01/21/03 Angela Gibney University of Michigan
01/24/03 Xiaoming Wang Iowa State University
01/27/03 Vadim Zharnitsky Lucent Technologies
01/29/03 Daniel Krashen UCLA
01/31/03 Ziad Musslimani University of Colorado
02/03/03 Sunsica Canic University of Houston
02/6/03 Michael Sullivan University of Michigan
02/7/03 Will Kazez
(FSU-UF Topology Meeting)
University of Georgia
02/14/03 Olga Ladyzhenskaya Steklov Institute
02/21/03 Financial Mathematics Festival
03/03/03 Amod Agashe
(Special Colloquium)
University of Texas
07/03/03 Oleg Kovrijkine
(Special Colloquium)
03/07/03 Dusan Repovs University of Ljubljana
03/21/03 R. Gilmer and E. Young Florida State University
03/28/03 Mathematics Honors Day Florida State University
04/04/03 Bill Harvey King's College
04/11/03 J. Bryant, J. Mott, and P. Wright Florida State University
04/18/03 Krzysztof Ostaszewski
(Joint Mathematics and Risk Management Colloquium)
Illinois State University

Fall 2002

Date Speaker Affiliation
09/06/02 Donald Foss FSU, Arts and Sciences
09/13/02 Ivo Dinov UCLA
09/20/02 Philip Hall Imperial College
09/27/02 Nandan Kumar Sinha IIT - Bombay, India
10/18/02 Matilde Marcolli Max Planck Institut
11/07/02 Greg Anderson BARRA


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