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2023-24 Mathematics Colloquium

Time and Place: Fridays (with some exceptions) 3:05-3:55 pm in Room 101, Love Building

Colloquium Reception: Fridays (with some exceptions) 2:30-3:00 pm in Room 204, Love Building

For details, click on the name of the speaker. ( * indicates special day, time, or place.)

Click here for the schedule of previous editions of the FSU Math Colloquium.

Fall 2023

Date Speaker (Host) Affiliation
09/08/2023 Peter Michor (Bauer) University of Vienna
09/15/2023 Postdoc Colloquium (Farhat/Bauer) FSU
09/22/2023 George Yin (Feng) University of Connecticut
10/06/2023 Frederi Viens (Zhu) Rice University
10/13/2023 Naoki Masuda (Asllani) University of Buffalo
10/27/2023 Tom Chou (Bertram) UCLA
11/03/2023 Henry Adams (Needham) University of Florida
11/17/2023 Sam Payne (Aluffi) University of Texas at Austin
12/01/2023 Quant Symposium (Zhu)
12/15/2023 Abba Gumel (Karamched) University of Maryland

Spring 2024

Date Speaker (Host) Affiliation
1/8/2024 Christian Parkinson (Lee) University of Arizona
1/12/2024 Yuchi Qiu (Musslimani) University of California, Irvine
1/17/2024 Baoyu Zhou (Bao) University of Michigan
1/19/2024 Liyuan Lin (Kercheval) University of Waterloo
1/22/2024 David Itkin (Okten) Imperial College
1/26/2024 Xin Zhang (Zhu) University of Vienna
2/14/2024 Ali Kara (Kercheval) University of Michigan
2/16/2024 Sarang Joshi (Bauer) University of Utah
2/23/2024 Abner Salgado (Lee) University of Tennessee
3/1/2024 Beatrice Riviere (Women in Math Lecture) Rice University
3/4/2024 Stanca Ciupe (Bertram) Virginia Tech
3/22/2024 Guang Lin (Zhang) Purdue
3/29/2024 Brad Peercy (Bertram) University of Maryland Baltimore County
4/5/2024 Jin Ma (Feng) University of Southern California
4/10/2024 Wilhelm Schlag (FSU Mathematics Distinguished Lecture) Yale University
4/12/2024 Graduate Student Flash Talks (Grad. Student Council) FSU
4/19/2024 Math Honors Day (Hurdal) FSU
4/26/2024 Greg Lawler (Tam Family Colloquium) University of Chicago

Guidelines for Speakers in the FSU Math Colloquium