Welcome Financial Mathematics at Florida State University

The FSU Financial Mathematics graduate program in the Department of Mathematics offers studies leading to the MS and PhD degrees in Mathematics, with a special focus on the mathematics of finance and economics. We invite applications from students with a strong mathematics background (see Prerequisites) to join our interdisciplinary program.

Our name "Financial Mathematics" means that we focus on the mathematical understanding of quantitative methods underlying financial problems. Our MS students share core courses with our beginning PhD students (see the MS and PhD pages), and we are one of the few US mathematics departments offering a PhD specifically in Financial Mathematics.

  • Ten Mathematics faculty members support the program, along with faculty from Statistics, Economics, Finance, Scientific Computing, Computer Science, and Risk Management. Distinguished industry professionals and alumni visit each Spring for our annual Financial Math Quant Symposium.
  • Graduates of the program find employment as financial quants in industry and government, as actuaries, and in academia (see the alumni page).
  • The MS degree may be earned as a terminal degree or en route to the PhD, and carries the Professional Science Master's designation.
  • NEW! A joint Master of Science / Juris Master degree program is being planned with the FSU College of Law. Students will earn both degrees and are prepared to work at the intersection of finance and law with compliance and regulation.

Alumni corner Benoit Montin
Benoit Montin

Dr. Montin joined C12 Capital Management US LP in 2009, a multi-asset macro hedge fund based in New York City. His current responsibilities include portfolio optimization and analytics.

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The two-year FSU Financial Mathematics MS degree program was established in 1998 and is one of the oldest such programs in the US. The first MS degrees were granted in 2000. The program resides in Mathematics, with the founding cooperation of faculty from Economics, Finance, Risk Management, Statistics, and Computer Science. In 2002 a formal Financial Math PhD program was approved, with our first PhD granted in 2004. Starting in 2015, the MS degree offers an optional track in Actuarial Science. The department is committed to recruiting talented students and hiring world-class faculty to support the program.