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2016-17 Mathematics Colloquium

Place and Time: Room 101, Love Building, 3:35-4:30 pm

Refreshments: Room 204, Love Building, 3:00 pm

(For an abstract and more details, click on the name of the speaker.)

Fall 2016

Date Speaker (Host) Affiliation
09/02/16 Gregor Gassner (Kopriva) University of Cologne
09/09/16 Mehdi Vahab (Sussman) Florida State University
10/14/16 Charles Doering (Musslimani) University of Michigan
11/11/16 Veteran's Day
11/25/16 Thanksgiving
12/02/16 Adam Stinchcombe (Hurdal) University of Michigan
12/05/16 Chad Giusti (Mio)
(Special Colloquium)
University of Pennsylvania
12/09/16 Theodore Vo (Bertram) Boston University
12/12/16 Brian Cook (Oberlin)
(Special Colloquium)
University of Wisconsin-Madison
12/14/16 Alexander Reznikov (Oberlin)
(Special Colloquium)
Vanderbilt University

Spring 2017

Date Speaker (Host) Affiliation
01/09/17 Benjamin Jaye (Oberlin)
(Special Colloquium)
Kent State University
01/10/17 Galyna Livshyts (Oberlin)
(Special Colloquium)
Georgia Institute of Technology
01/13/17 Sanghyun Lee (Musslimani) University of Texas, Austin
01/18/17 Zhi Zhou (Musslimani)
(Special Colloquium)
Columbia University
01/20/17 Qian Zhang (Musslimani) Northwestern University
01/24/17 Wei Guo (Musslimani)
(Special Colloquium)
Michigan State University
02/17/17 Financial Mathematics Quant Symposium
02/23/17 Andrew Majda (Moore/Wang)
(Joint Mathematics-GFDI Colloquium)
Courant Institute, New York University
02/27/17 Arash Fahim
(Special Colloquium)
Florida State University
03/03/17 Steven Shreve (Fahim) Carnegie Mellon University
03/17/17 Spring Break
03/20/17 Gilbert Strang (Wang)
(Special Colloquium)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
03/22/17 Chun Liu (Wang)
(Special Colloquium)
Pennsylvania State University
03/24/17 Lingjiong Zhu Florida State University
03/31/17 Bror Saxberg (Kercheval) Kaplan Learning and Innovation
04/07/17 Mathematics Honors Day (Bellenot)
04/10/17 Ugo Bruzzo (Aldrovandi)
(Special Colloquium)
SISSA, Trieste, Italy
04/14/17 Martins Bruveris (Bauer) Brunel University London
04/21/17 Ettore Aldrovandi Florida State University
04/26/17 Daniel Vallieres (Agashe)
(Special Colloquium)
California State University at Chico
04/28/17 Shijie Deng (Zhu) Georgia Institute of Technology