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Core Course Requirements

Applied and Computational Mathematics at Florida State University

ACM students are encouraged to attend Department seminars and take courses throughout their graduate study in Mathematics. These include required core courses, courses supporting admission to candidacy, courses supporting your dissertation research, and courses, both advanced and basic, intended to broaden ACM students' applied and computational mathematics expertise.

The core of the ACM curriculum comprises 3 two-semester course sequences. These sequences provide a rigorous basic background and a basis upon which advanced courses and research can build. Students must satisfy the ACM Core Course Requirement by passing, with a grade of C- or better, the FCM, MAM and APDE sequences Students with an advanced background may satisfy the ACM Core Course Requirement with related advanced courses as approved by the ACM Director.

Sequence Courses
FCM MAD 5403/5404 Foundations of Computational Mathematics I and II
EPDE MAP 5345/5346 Elementary Partial Differential Equations I and II
MAM MAP 5165 Methods of Applied Mathematics I
MAP 5423 Complex Variables, Asymptotic Expansions and Integral Transforms (MAM II)