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Ph.D. Degree Requirements

Applied and Computational Mathematics at Florida State University

The Ph.D. degree in Applied and Computational Mathematics (ACM) is earned by first achieving Ph.D. candidacy and then writing and successfully defending a doctoral dissertation.

Supervisory Committee:
  • Appointed by the Chair of the Department of Mathematics and chaired by the Advisor. A co-chair from the Department of Mathematics is required if the Advisor is not a member of the Department of Mathematics.
  • At least 4 faculty members with Graduate Faculty Status, including the University Representative and 3 faculty members of the Department of Mathematics.
  • Supervises the program of study of the ACM student and monitors progress toward completion.
  • Conducts the Ph.D. Candidacy Examination and the Dissertation Defense Examination.

Course Requirements:
  • Complete the course requirements for a Master's degree in Applied and Computational Mathematics including the ACM Core Course Requirement or, for students entering the program with a Master's degree, the coursework specified by the ACM Director.
  • Register for 2 semesters of the Mathematics Department colloquium and, after achieving candidacy, register for Mathematics Department seminar courses in at least 3 semesters. Finally, register for at least 24 semester hours of Dissertation Research MAT 6980.

Ph.D. Candidacy Requirements:

Dissertation Requirements:
  • Students must write a dissertation under the direction of a faculty advisor and successfully defend it at a Dissertation Defense Examination.
  • The defense must be within 5 years of admittance to candidacy. If it is not, the candidacy of the student may be reevaluated by repeating qualifying and/or candidacy examinations.