Applied and Computational Mathematics at Florida State University

Program Director:  Kyle A. Gallivan

Mathematics Faculty:

Kyle A. Gallivan  computational mathematics, numerical and non-numerical algorithms, shape and signal analysis, optimization, high-performance computing and software

M. Yousuff Hussaini   computational fluid dynamics, computational geosciences, nanofluid mechanics, optimization, data/image assimilation, uncertainty quantification, evidence theory

David Kopriva  computational mathematics, numerical analysis, spectral methods, partial differential equations

Jerry Magnan  financial mathematics and econophysics, machine learning and data mining, dynamical systems, chaos, and complex systems, bifurcation analysis of partial differential equations with applications, industrial mathematics

Nick Moore  applied mathematics, modeling, fluid dynamics, fluid-structure interaction, viscoelastic fluids, erosion, stratified fluids, entrainment, and mixing

Ziyad Muslimani  partial differential equations, nonlinear waves in dispersive media

Mark Sussman  numerical analysis, fluid dynamics, deforming boundary problems, partial differential equations

Christopher Tam   numerical analysis, applied mathematics, acoustics, fluid dynamics, partial differential equations

Xiaoming Wang  applied mathematics, partial differential equations and their applications, fluid and geophysical fluid dynamics, numerical analysis and scientific computing