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Applied and Computational Mathematics at Florida State University

ACM Ph.D. students may be advised by any faculty member of the Department of Mathematics. It is also possible to have an advisor that is a facutly member in another department. In this case, it is required to have a faculty member of the Department of Mathematics as a co-advisor to chair the examination committees. This co-advisor may be an active participant in the student's dissertation research or may simply be an administrative monitor. Contact the ACM Director for details.

Faculty members with research activity that may be of interest to ACM Ph.D. students are listed below. Faculty members mainly responsible for the design and teaching of the ACM curriculum are marked with .

Program Director:  Ziad Musslimani

Mathematics Faculty:

Feng Bao    stochastic differential equations, stochastic optimization, data assimilation

Martin Bauer  infinite dimensional Riemannian geometry, shape analysis, manifolds of mappings, geometric mechanics, medical imaging

Nick Cogan  biofilm dynamics, bacterial kinetics, fluid/structure interactions, boundary integral methods

Arash Fahim  probability, partial differential equations, stochastic control, financial mathematics

Aseel Farhat   partial differential equations, Navier-Stokes equations, uncertainty, data assimilation

Kyle A. Gallivan   computational mathematics, numerical and non-numerical algorithms, shape and signal analysis, optimization, high-performance computing and software

M. Yousuff Hussaini   computational fluid dynamics, computational geosciences, nanofluid mechanics, optimization, data/image assimilation, uncertainty quantification, evidence theory

Alec Kercheval financial mathematics, dynamical systems, stochastic analysis, portfolio and credit risk, high frequency trading, machine learning, stochastic processes, mathematical economics.

Sanghyun Lee   numerical analysis, finite element methods, scientific computing

Washington Mio pattern analysis, biomedical imaging, geometric topology

Ziad Musslimani   partial differential equations, nonlinear waves in dispersive media

Giray Ökten  computational finance, Monte Carlo and quasi-Monte Carlo methods

Wojciech Ożański   Analysis, partial differential equations, harmonic analysis, functional analysis, mathematical theory of fluid mechanics, instabilities of incompressible flows.

Mark Sussman   numerical analysis, fluid dynamics, deforming boundary problems, partial differential equation

Christopher Tam   numerical analysis, applied mathematics, acoustics, fluid dynamics, partial differential equations

Lingjiong Zhu  probability, financial mathematics

Faculty from other departments that have supervised ACM Ph.D. students:

Adrian Barbu Department of Statistics,  machine learning, medical imaging, computer vision

Gordon Erelebacher  Department of Scientific Computing,  computational mathematics, modeling and simulation of biological networks, machine learning, application of gaming and artificial intelligence

Anuj Srivastava Department of Statistics,  shape and surface analysis, functional data analysis, applications of computational statistics

Tomasz Plewa  Department of Scientific Computing,  computational astrophysics