Alumni Information

Applied and Computational Mathematics at Florida State University

PhD Year Student PhD Advisor Thesis Title Employment

2014 Wen Huang Gallivan/Absil Optimization algorithms on Riemannian manifolds with applications Postdoctoral Researcher, Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium
Matthew Jemison Sussman An asymptotically preserving method for multiphase flow Postdoctoral Researcher, Mechanical Engineering, Florida State University
Andrew Winters Kopriva Discontinuous Galerkin spectral element approximations for the reflection and transmission of waves from moving material interfaces Postdoctoral Researcher, Department of Mathematics, University of Cologne, Germany

2013 Yanyan He Hussaini Uncertainty quantification and data fusion based on Dempster-Shafer theory Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Utah
Yaning Liu Hussaini/Ökten Non-intrusive methods for probabilistic uncertainty quantification and global sensitivity analysis in nonlinear stochastic phenomena Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

2012 Tianyu Liang Wang/Kercheval Alternative models for stochastic volatility corrections for equity and interest rate derivatives Quantitative Analyst, ING (Philadelphia)

2011 Cesar Acosta-Miloni Kopriva Discontinuous Galerkin spectral element approximations on moving meshes for wave scattering from reflective moving boundaries Universidad Del Quindío, Uniquindío, Colombia

Xiao Chen Navon/Sussman 4-D var data assimilation and POD model reduction methodologies applied to geophysical fluid dynamics models Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Center for Applied Scientific Research

Austen C. Duffy Sussman/Hussaini Massively parallel algorithms for CFD simulation and optimization on heterogeneous many-cove architectures Computational/Software Developer, Citilabs

Philip P. LePoudre Tam Computational aeroacoustics cascade model of fan noise University of Saskatchewan, Department of Mechanical Engineering

Qin Li Erlebacher/Wang Sparse approximation and its applications Postdoctoral Researcher, Food and Drug Administration

Chunhong Qi Gallivan/Absil Numerical optimization methods on Riemanian manifolds Instructor, Nanjing Foreign Language School Xian Lin Campus

2010 Ji Shen Erlebacher/Wang No-reference natural image/video quality assessment of noisy, blurry, or compressed images/videos based on hybrid curvelet, wavelet, and cosine transforms Android lead developer, Huffington Post

Svetlana Simakhina Sussman Level set and conservative level set methods on dynamic quadrilateral grids

Yaohong Wang Sussman Numerical methods for two-phase jet flow University of California Santa Barbara, Department of Mathematics

2009 Fei Hua Wang/Gunzburger Modeling, analysis and simulation of the Stokes-Darcy system with Beavers-Joseph interface condition Sales and Trading Associate, Nomura Securities International

Edwin Jimenez Hussaini Uncertainty quantification of nonlinear stochastic phenomena Staff Scientist, California Institute of Technology

2008 Haomin Lin Peterson/Gunzburger An optimal control problem for a time dependent Ginzburg-Landau model of superconductivity Private sector job, China

Hoa V. Nguyen Gunzburger Centroidal Voronoi Tessellations for mesh generation: from uniform to anisotropic adaptive triangulations Assistant Professor, Trinity University

2007 Wan-Kan Chan Gunzburger Analysis and approximation of a two-banded Ginzburg-Landau model of superconductivity Postdoctoral Researcher, North Carolina State University

Zheng Chen Gunzburger Anova for parameter dependent nonlinear PDEs and numerical methods for the stochastic Stokes equations Assistant Professor, Southern University

Yuki Saka Gunzburger Analysis of two PDE models in fluid mechanics: nonlinear spectral eddy-viscosity model of turbulence and infinite Prandti-number model of mantle convection Patent office, Japan

Clayton Webster Gunzburger Sparse collocation techniques for the numerical solution of stochastic partial differential equations Senior scientist, Oak Ridge National Laboratory; Assistant Professor, University of Tennessee

2006 Santharam Akella Navon Deterministic and stochastic aspects of data assimilation NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

2005 Ana-Maria Croicu Hussaini Single and multiple-objective stochastic programming with applications to aerodynamics Associate Professor, Kennesaw State University, GA

Samet Kadigoglu Sussman All Speed Multi-Phase Flow Solvers Associate Professor, Yildiz Technical University

2002 Cristian Homescu Navon Optimal control of continuous and discontinouos flow Vice President, SIG Analytics - Commodities, Wells Fargo Securities (Charlotte, NC)