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Attempts and Results

Applied and Computational Mathematics at Florida State University


Unless explicitly permitted by the ACM Director, an ACM student may attempt a qualifying examination only after both related courses are completed for a grade, typically in the Fall after completing the relevant courses.

Incoming students with advanced backgounds, with the approval of the ACM Director, may attempt one or more of the core qualifying examinations without taking the associated sequence of courses. In these cases only, a result of Fail is not counted against the number of attempts allowed and the student will be advised to take the approriate course before attempting the qualifying examination in the following Fall.

Results and Retakes:

There are 3 possible results from an attempt: pass, fail, and, partial pass.

For the MAM Qualifying Examination, partial passes on material in one of the two core courses may be awarded. A student is required to retake only the part of the examination that was failed. If only a single part of the examination is retaken the amount of time allowed is half that allowed for the full examination.

Partial passes on the FCM and PDE Qualifying Examinations are not awarded. ACM students not achieving a pass must retake the entire examination.

Students may examine their graded qualifying examinations with the ACM Director or appropriate faculty member. Copies of the qualifying examination may not be made.

ACM students are expected to retake any failed examinations in the next offering of the examination.

Two attempts per qualifying examination are allowed.